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March 31 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x15 "One Door Closes". This episode was written by Lauren LeFranc and Rafe Judkins. It was directed by David Solomon.

I may have to be quiet tonight. My head is killing me, and I may end up going to bed before it's over.
My !@#$% cable connector broke so I will be following this episode solely on this forum. So be descriptive ! Spoil me ! Don't make me wait a week for all of the juicy details.
yo dawg I heard you like S.H.I.E.L.D.
so I put another S.H.I.E.L.D. in your S.H.I.E.L.D.
so you can spy while you spy
yes! just as soon as this terrible thing ends
I hope while she's staying in the woods that Skye doesn't read any Latin she finds in the cabin.
Oh. Backstory!
Hope this is also amazing, cause tonight's Flash was pretty nifty.
Randomly kind of like that Mack got saved by two women.
Oh Coulson is so on to them....
So good to have Lucy Lawless back, even if only for flashbacks...
Oh no she called him Leo and it was not a good thing. D:
Damn. Fitz can be cold.
@Sunfire, so I didn't hear things. Good to know.
BTW, always comforting to have David Solomon on the directing chair.
God dammit, Bobbie and Mac. On top of everything else, you messed with Lola.
Damn. I thought Coulson was more onto them then that.
I didn't even know they had that many sets of coveralls.
If "real" SHIELD honestly thought they were in the right, they would just approach Coulson straight up.
Nebula, sending aspirin-related thoughts!
Not necessarily. They're all professional spies. I think we really do have two different factions that are both fiercely loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. here.
JDL-Coulson didn't know Bobbi was a traitor she got the thing out of desk and kung-fu flipped away from May.

Cool flashback to Mack being saved by Hartley and Bobbi from Hydra last year.
That fight was so fast!
So they're signalling another May vs Mockingbird showdown later. I'm calling round 2 for May. What do y'all think?
They're spies, but they're also trained to read people. So Mack and Bobbi would know that all of them believe they work for SHIELD and are loyal to that ideal. But suddenly they're acting like they're a form of Hydra with the way they're treating them and talking about them. It's not like misguided comrades, but enemies.
TY Dusk ! :)
Wonder how far "Fury's" orders go.
Everyone throws his name around like it's a law. But if they're following Fury's orders to "save SHIELD" and Fury handed SHIELD over to Coulson, they should be following Coulson.
Except they watched colleagues kill other colleagues recently and barely escaped alive. The stakes are crazy high now.
Dagnabbit I may have to break down and buy this one on Amazon. Wonder when it goes up ?
Is that a Hulk fist imprint?
So did Banner stay there for a while? If so, when?
Does the symbol on the metal wall have a meaning?

Gordon, you should really wear sunglasses when meeting somebody you don't know.

Please don't tell me Simmons made those gloves to shut off her powers especially now!
OK, so if I recall correctly, Gordon was helped by Skye's mother and has taken Raina under his wing? And stopped her dad the other week?

As always, there is a lot going on.
I'm worried about those gloves too, Dusk!
Oh thank god!
Last guy he trusted caused him brain damage. So, uh, no go Mack.
I really like that we can see how determined Bobbi and Mack are to accomplish their goal but also not to hurt anyone if they can possibly avoid it.
So what is in the ship?
I do have to wonder if someone in SHIELD-2 isn't Hydra. I don't think Gonzalez, Bobbi, or Mack are. Playing the two remnants of SHIELD against one another would be a pretty great move.
That's the thing. I trust that Bobbi and Mack are genuine in their loyalty. I don't trust all of the others though.
That's fair. I think there's a definite possibility that SHIELD-2 is being misled and manipulated.
Still kinda creepy Gordon but at least he left it up to when Skye's ready to be properly trained.

JDL-Back in the day Fury gave Bobbi a suicide mission to sink the ship to prevent Hydra from getting the cargo, Gonzales, Hartley and Mack all agree to help.

Presently Simmons tricked Bobbi and stunned her, Coulson got the Toolbox back. Mack caught Fitz but asked him to trust him and saved Fitz's life when SHIELD 2 blew a wall to get in. So they aren't exactly bad guys.
Am wondering if / how any of this is going to get resolved tonight. We need Fury. Fury, where are you?!
Calvary time....
You called the Hulk house, folks!
Fury's probably watching this all on spy cams and having a good laugh.(I have no idea what he considers entertainment...)
I like Agents Weaver, Calderon, & the other guy for brainwashed by HYDRA with Gonzales being innocent but that's my fanwank side speaking.
Why is this reminding me of when Galactica met-up with Pegasus.....
This is a tense episode. There's no way most of this is getting resolved tonight.
I didn't get that far in BSG... But seems that the crux of why they consider Coulson's SHIELD not the "right" one is pretty clear now.
So they're following the path Jemma was on a couple of episodes ago. Hold tight, Coulson. And Cavalry.
I know they can't resolve it all, Sunfire. Sigh. I just want to feel some hope ...
"I appreciate the gesture now." Haha.

Is Skye a waterbender now? Call Katara.

JDL-SHIELD 2 captured everyone but May who just called Skye to warn her after she vibrated some tap water in the cabin without gloves. Bobbi is leading a team to capture her that just showed up in helicopters. Back in the day she debated on whether or not they could beat HHydra but decided against it. The teacher from last season asked Simmons to check Mack's wounds. Gonzales believes Coulson may be some kind of alien messenger now but wants him to prove he's a good man by opening the Toolbox.

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Nope. Don't like that guy.
Does "real" SHIELD know that Fury is alive?
This is basically a story of two Coulsons.
Thx Dusk. Definitely sounds like a Jed-Mo two parter if not three.

[ edited by JDL on 2015-04-01 02:53 ]
Well, sort of. Coulson would never have infiltrated another SHIELD.
FitzSimmons. Being made to undercut Coulson? Break my heart.

Re: Skye. Anyone else having flashbacks to Buffy when the depty mayor died?
Please don't actually be Tahiti...
Kinda loving Hunter now too.
That tag was excellent.
Yes. Yes it was.

She went all Akira on their asses.
Tag ? What tag ? Whaaaaa!
Great episode tonight.You could sort of see both sides views but based off the vibe Gonzalez and some of the other heads give,I'm going with Coulson.The key is Skye.Coulson wants to help Sky,but the other Shield feels very anti anyone who isn't normal.Gonzalez views Coulson as tainted and Skye as a monster.

So that puts me right off on siding with them.

Loved the tag with Hunter.

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Tag ? What tag ? Whaaaaa!

The bar scene right before the credits.
What did Hunter write on the napkin? My contact lenses are failing me.
Nice tag. And cool effects of Skye's Big Power Moment. I still don't see Bobbi and Mack as full bad guys, as the flashback pointed out Fury's orders can be wrong at times and Coulson has been a so-so leader at times.

JDL-Flashbacks show Gonzales wanted to follow orders and go through with Fury's suicide mission but Hartley, Bobbi and Mack decided maybe things should be run more democratically if Fury's way got him dead and meant sacrificing innocent lives of their friends who were still fighting Hydra. They took back the ship. Gonzoles told Coulson that story as proof Fury was wrong and his secrets took down SHIELD. Coulson deflects and said it was just HYDRA.

Present day one of SHIELD 2 tried to shoot Skye in the head, she used her vibration powers to knock back the bullet, the guy, Bobbi and a few nearby trees. She asked for Gordon who teleported her "home".

Gonzales said all of Coulson's agents will be given a chance to join him if they wish. May freed Coulson and gave him a case of supplies and told him to find Skye. She then surrendered to SHIELD 2.

Tag scene was Coulson in a beach bar and Hunter showed up offering his signature on a napkin as an employment contract.

Promo for next week seems like Coulson finds out about the teleporting guy and tries to attack SHIELD 2 to free his team. May thinks Gonzales wants to kill Skye and Coulson. Skye sounds a little confused and it looks like Gordon is giving her acupuncture when she wants to leave soon to help her team.

SHIELD 2 has the Toolbox.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-04-01 03:22 ]
Just his name. Coulson made him a job offer right before he was SHIELDnapped. He was signing the napkin to accept the offer.
Hunter is really growing on me. He reminds me of souled Spike, a little bit.
Ah, thanks Sunfire and Dusk!
Ok. After this episode I can totally see this all leading up to a Marvel Civil War.

Best episode since the mid-season premiere.

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Oh totally Eddy. Will Coulson be Pro-Registration or Anti-Registration? He won't kill Skye but he had no hesitation in Indexing or letting the outside forces keep tabs on her. But he seems to be operating outside the government's approval so that might make him Anti.
Favorite episode of this half season. Gonzales clearly speaks to the brewing Civil War when he discusses the threat of Enhanced characters running about unchecked ... Also, with exception of Calderon, they did a nice job of demonstrating that Bobbi n' Mack are "good" people with a differing opinion .. which makes the conflict more interesting than simple bad guy vs. good guys.

My highlights:

May vs. Bobbi
Gemma zapping Bobbi
Hulk House
Skye going "Akira" - (thanks for that AndrewCrossett)
Hunter tag

I think/hope we're building to a conclusion where Skye comes to accept and control her powers and arrives in time to save the day for the season finale

[ edited by TallMichaelJ on 2015-04-01 03:46 ]
I think Coulson was ok putting Skye on the index when he thought Skye as a person & SHIELD agent would also be taken into consideration. But Gonzales and Fringe Agent (I forget his name) are definitely on the side of killing inhumans and thinking of them as less then or dangerous and to be put down on the spot. Coulson isn't going to be down with that. And I think Agent Fringe using a gun instead of an icer was part of orders he had from Gonzalez and so much for their transparency and being different.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2015-04-01 03:44 ]
It was a nice touch that they mentioned an "Enhanced" had taken out a lot of agents at the academy (would love to know who - you have to believe that'll come up again) They're certainly dropping a lot of reasons why SHIELD 2.0 is gunning so hard for Coulson's team.
Hmmmm. But if Coulson is copying what Fury used to do with Indexed people (as May's ex implied) then Skye is getting special treatment as one of his agents. And if she were anyone else he would likely have her monitored for the rest of her life and forbidden to use her powers. (Scorch, "Claws" from a few weeks ago).

It may be Gonzales considers Skye too dangerous to live and Coulson too dangerous with his SHIELD knowledge/Fury-style tendencies. This team had Skye herself kill Donnie for similar reasons. Need more information before we decide fully on this. Baldy from SHIELD 2 seemed like a jerk last week as well and he wasn't shown "bonding" with the others in the flashbacks so maybe their is a specific reason they're making him less sympathetic then the rest.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-04-01 03:50 ]

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-04-01 03:51 ]
I can't recall exactly but wasn't Donnie actively doing things to hurt people? Skye shooting him isn't the same as Gonzales or the other one shooting her in the head on site. Skye has never done anything against anyone with her power on purpose and even shot herself to stop her power from hurting people. Actions which Bobbi & Mack were well aware.
Dusk, I think Coulson would be anti-registration. He's a Cap fan boy after all.
Donnie killed Hydra agents who were trying to re-brainwash him. It worked by the end of the episode so Skye was ordered to kill him. Scorch wasn't actively hurting people in the beginning, he was just frustrated SHIELD had muzzled him for years which made it easy for Raina to turn him against Coulson's team in misguided hopes he could become famous like The Avengers. He got out of control and May killed him. If Skye got out of control, Fury-SHIELD protocol would mean she has to die too.

Add to this the tension their will be once Coulson leans of the Inhumans who are probably built like a nation-state and would consider any SHIELD monitoring a form of bigotry. Which could lead up to a Global Terrigen Bomb to set up Civil War.

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I've come to the conclusion that Skye is earthquake Elsa. Being told "conceal, don't feel" by her parent figures. Magic gloves to suppress her magic. Causing damage she doesn't mean to, and then breaking off from everyone she knows. I can't wait to see what sort of castle she builds.
Back from the dead. Thanks for the aspiriny thoughts, javelina. Head feels less like it's being scooped out with a fork.

If the movement toward a registration act can be equated with racism (and that has historically been a prevalent theme in Marvel comics), then Coulson would have to be anti-registrationist if he is to remain a sympathetic leader and friend to Captain America. In Civil War, Cap is anti-registration, while Tony Stark pushes for registration. We're seeing the Cap vs. Iron Man in the two sides of SHIELD.

This may have been the strongest episode of the second half of the season so far.

Gordon, you should really wear sunglasses when meeting somebody you don't know.

Please don't tell me Simmons made those gloves to shut off her powers especially now!


You either hide your gifts or you don't. Gordon's not hiding his eyelessness from Skye made the point of his being different from the beginning. He view's Skye's gloves as impediments, and seems opposed to hiding what he truly is from others. Do you force someone to stay in the closet, or do you change the view of people who are different, by being open about those differences?
I really enjoyed this episode (especially in contrast to last week, which didn't do a lot for me.)

I'm finally on board with the two Shields plot--wasn't sure it would be compelling when it was first introduced, but it definitely is now. The flashbacks worked really well, I thought. And I *loved* the moments with Skye and her powers. The spiral water thing was gorgeous, and I liked that quiet moment with her realizing her powers could be benign/beautiful.

I also loved the moment at the end, when Skye stops the bullet (and quakes the hell out of everything in the process). The effects were impressive, and Chloe Bennett really sold the emotion. Really great stuff.
I have to admit...that fight scene between Skye and the SHIELD-2 trooper was pretty damn badass, and how Skye stopped Calderon's shot? Awesome!

I do kinda wish that the fight choreography had shown more of Chloe Bennet, if only to better sell the idea of Skye whooping ass...just seemed more blatantly obvious than other fights that there was someone else standing in. Now admittedly, comparing a fight scene featuring Skye vs. Coulson or May is disingenuous, since both Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen have notable martial arts experience and can be filmed differently to take advantage of that. Still, time yet ;)

I do wonder how Bobbi is going to perceive both the SHIELD-2 trooper and Calderon using regular firearms on Skye when she clearly ordered Icers only...and Weaver going tete-a-tete with an "Enhanced" at SHIELD Academy on The Day SHIELD Fell? I'd like to hear more about this, since her survival seems questionable, though having Weaver be like Bobbi - kickass but also a science boffin - makes sense for the head of SHIELD's academies.
Nebula, good point about Gordon practicing what he preaches to Skye. It just struck me as odd at the time as the Inhumans we're seeing here are trying not to draw attention to themselves at this point as Gordon told Cal.

Gordon not hiding it does line up with the current comic philosophy of Inhumans (In contrast to typical X-Men ways). The Inhumans in the show though are still very much an underground thing so when/how they go public will be interesting. Medusa's not just going to declare a nation-state right in the middle of the Hudson River in the show.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-04-01 15:35 ]
Probably not, Dusk, but I can imagine during the Age of Ultron ruckus, that Inhumans are going to have to come out of the closet to ensure their own survival, if not that of regular humans.
Maybe, but AOU drops around episode 20 of the season. Perhaps around the middle of this May, something one of the SHIELDs does convinces Gordon or his bosses to Mist the world while it's still reeling from all the evil robots.
I've come to the conclusion that Skye is earthquake Elsa. Being told "conceal, don't feel" by her parent figures. Magic gloves to suppress her magic. Causing damage she doesn't mean to, and then breaking off from everyone she knows. I can't wait to see what sort of castle she builds.

I'm astonished this is not a meme on Tumblr yet. It's wonderful.
Anyone notice that Skye "staked" the agent with Bobbi? There was a tree branch impaled through his shoulder. That's gonna have repercussions.

I loved how Skye stopped them, but I hated that she asked Gordon for help. I get it, but I don't like it. That can't end well for her.

I do wonder about the gloves - why did they make her dizzy?

And talk about an express elevator!

This whole SHIELD vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. thing is gonna get ugly before it resolves. Well, uglier.
I do wonder how Bobbi is going to perceive both the SHIELD-2 trooper and Calderon using regular firearms on Skye when she clearly ordered Icers only

I wonder if Gonzales gave them secret orders to put Skye down regardless of what Bobbi said. If so, I guess she would consider that a betrayal and switch sides, maybe staging a rescue of the captured Coulson people. But she'd have to do it on her own... no way are Coulson and Hunter ever going to trust her again in a million bazillion years.
Finally saw it just now. That was a well spent $1.99 + Tax.
Welcome back into the fold, JDL.

I loved how Skye stopped them, but I hated that she asked Gordon for help. I get it, but I don't like it. That can't end well for her.

I loved that she asked Gordon for help. I'm dying to see what happens when she is introduced to other Inhumans. This is where the series takes on all sorts of shiny new dimensions.
I think the only reason Skye asked Gordon for help was in reaction to what her power did and the destruction it caused, not because she felt she needed rescuing from SHIELD. It was a "help me with my powers" not "save me". So I'm OK with it. Plus it was a great exit strategy. (Looking all cool and such.) ;)
I agree, NYPinTA. She just decimated a large chunk of forest and a poked Fringe guy with wood. She needed help from someone like her. Imagine learning that Gordon was rescued by her mother. I wonder if Gordon knows Skye is Jiaying's daughter. Odds are a lot of this will be dealt with next week.
Gordon called her Skye which he either got from Cal or Raina so its 50-50 he knows who her mother is.
I finally just saw it.


(1) The busy, fast-paced plot.

(2) Everyone, including Jemma and Fitz, getting a chance to be formidable in their own way.

(3) Skye blowing shit up.

(4) Hunter/Coulson team-up at the end. (I really love the ironic twist that Hunter has now become the only reliable newbie.)


(1) A bunch of cringeworthy dialogue.

(2) Weak action sequences and hokey effects (except for Skye blowing shit up).

(3) Flashback sequence poorly executed and not worth the payoff.


An enjoyable effort, despite the flaws. There's still plenty of room for improvement, IMO, but it remains a vast improvement over season 1. I look forward to next week.
Am I the only one who was waiting with bated breath for Skye to try to remove the gloves, afraid she would find she couldn't? That wasn't the case but there is definitely something(s) we don't know about those gloves... and I gotta say I'm with Fitz on this. Gemma I loved you capturing Bobbi but I'm just not so sure about you right now...
I think there's a good chance Simmons will be talked into cooperating with Occupy SHIELD, but Fitz won't. And they would need Fitz's skillset to find out anything about that Toolbox. So we'll see Simmons free and working with Gonzales and his people, and Fitz locked away in a cell. And that will be the end of FitzSimmons.
I agree about Simmons cooperating, but short of cancellation I don't think the many bumps in the road will be The End of them. Just hard times...

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