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April 01 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #13. It's the third part of the "United" arc.

I liked this issue. Not sure why Will Conrad was not the artist though. I like Richard's work, but it just feels weird to change artist like this in the middle of an arc - especially if Conrad is back next issue. Conrad was in the solicitations for this and the next, and no explanation has been given for his absence in this issue. Strange.

I was initially a bit confused by Illyria's characterisation - why the return to her old way? It is possible that in the reset in the Deeper Well that led to Fred's return, that any influence that Fred or the gang had had on Illyria was obliterated. What we are seeing now is the original Illyria that we met in Shells - arrogant, fully demonic and back to her "I am a God, hear me roar" ways.

Also did anyone pick up on the line of Illyria's to Angel "This body is stronger. I no longer need to tolerate you". Maybe being infused by the power in the Deeper Well really has affected Illyria. Not only is the reconstituted Fred's body stronger, she seems to have her full strength back.

Not much else going on with the rest of the characters this issue, but I really liked the action and the further complications of Fred and Illyria's return.
Illyria's characterization doesn't make sense to me. Her growth as a character was motivated partly by Fred's memories and partly by her experiences with Angel & Co., both of which should still be there. It wasn't just because she had a magic Fred Soul inside her making her nicer.

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Illyria didn't sound right and that could be in part because she has been reset back to mad god stage and lost her development, or because the magic is pushing her (trying to goad Koh into taking her on) and/or stressing her in the same way she is stressing it and also, in part at least, because her voice is really hard to get and VG hasn't quite nailed it. It does seem a shame for her to be talking as if she doesn't know anyone at all, Fred hasn't lost her memories, so it does just feel as if Illyria is 'off' somehow at the moment.

The open shooting happening in England bugged me, daft error to make.
There is definitely more going on with Illyria than we know at the moment. I'm betting the events in the Deeper Well have a lot to do with it.

@Stoney I think that Zane Industries have brought over their own American workforce with them to Magic Town. I know we can't hear accents in comics (except those we make up in our own heads:-)) but I am hearing everyone who works for them as American. Hence the guns.
You're probably right about her being in the Deeper Well coming into it.

Ha, Americans aren't allowed guns in England either!! :D
I'm going to phlebotinum it away by saying that they snuck them in.


_o, hmmm. :D
Phlebotinum I say!:)

What do you think Illyria was referring to when she sensed a powerful presence? The sentient magic?
Yep, that would be my guess too. Although why a non corporeal thing would be that unsettled by Illyria's presence is odd. Again the Deeper Well connection to the new magic seems likely to be related.
Is it because Illyria is steeped in this "new magic"? Perhaps she can be classed as being the source of it.

As we have seen with Amy, the Sentient Magic is very protective of its turf.
Well at one point I think it was Nadira commented on being able to feel the new magic pressing around the edges of magic town. So as Illyria/Fred was in the Deeper Well when the new magic seed was given its kickstart, was reset by it, her being steeped in it as you say is likely. As she is physically within the magic town borders so to speak, the sentient magic's reaction makes sense. It could just relate to her being an Old One, but I doubt it. VG talked about brackish water when the season started, magic town as a point where things come together, and I just feel the issue between the two magic variations works with all of that.

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I got my copy of Angel & Faith # 13,Part III of "United" on Friday but didn't have a chance to post some comments until now.

Overall I liked the issue.

I rally liked Angel and Koh's interaction as well as Koh's interaction with Nadira.I still have trouble placing a finger on her though.Which I guess is the point right now.To have her so mysterious.

It's not really a surprise that Illyria killed Koh's family.I think many of us have been suspecting it since last season in Buffy.What will be interesting is what happens next hence that being the cliffhanger.

I also liked Faith's and Fred's interaction but boy,that probably was not a smart move going to Zane for help since they unlocked Illyria.

As for Illyria,she does feels re-round back to hpw she was when we first met her in season 5 of Angel.Will be interesting to see where this goes.

So a pretty decent issue IMO.

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