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April 01 2015

(SPOILER) Adrianne Palicki on last night's SHIELD. Mockingbird talks about last night's revelations and offers some hints about what is next for Bobbi and both SHIELDs.

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I thought "Real" SHIELD got Fury's toolbox at the end, but this article seems to say that Coulson left with it. Which was it?
If I remember correctly, "Real Shield" had the tool box until May's amazing entrance icing Gonzalez and his agents before it could be given to Agent Weaver. I think May gave it back to Coulson, but I need to re-watch it to make sure.
I thought Gonzales gave it to a guard to give to Weaver *before* May knocked everyone out. So SHIELD 2 should have it by my memory which could be wrong.
You're right Dusk. After re-watching it Gonzales hands off Fury's tool box to a guard who walks off the screen to the right. May comes in from the left and shoots the remaining guard at the door, Gonzales, and a few moments later the guard who is presumably carrying the tool box. The only thing May hands Coulson is a metal suitcase. The guard was supposed to take the tool box to Weaver, Fitz and Simmons, and May said she'll take care of FitzSimmons, so it looks like the 'real SHIELD' still has Fury's tool box.
Cool, thanks hpgwbtvs.

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