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March 29 2004

Deleted Scene from "Karma Chameleon". There is another deleted scene here.

I found this digging through the Buffistas Minearverse thread. This is the original e-card they were from, which was supposed to promote the airing on March 18 and 19. I just found out about. I don't recall there ever being a link from the main page of the official site. There is another Wonderfalls e-card here.

Also on the Buffistas Board, right here, Barry Woodward gives a link to an alternate version of the music video for the theme song. I prefer the version on the official site, but this one's not bad. Note to Tyron Leitso fans: He appears shirtless in this video. Oh, and if you're insanely anti-spoilery, you might want to stay away, cuz there are clips from eps that haven't aired yet.

Does anyone have a link to the commentary track for the pilot ep? It was linked to from the main page for a couple days.
Well, I don't have the original link anymore, however, here's something that's just as good...

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