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April 01 2015

'Avengers' director announces 'Godfather' remake. Check the date.

I would watch that.
Editor’s note: This article was published as part of The Daily’s April Fool’s Day edition and is completely fictitious. All attributions in this article are not genuine and this story should be read in the context of pure entertainment only.
I have to admit I forgot the date and for about 3 seconds was going to come in here going oh HELL no!
"Also, expect more snap-zooms and a simply uncalled-for amount of witty banter."
Funny, I think that Scarface remake is really happening.
Now I really wanna see Donna Corleone played by Amy Acker...
Donna Corleone will be an emotionally broken waif who does backflips.
"Whedon, the much-adored mastermind behind “Alien: Resurrection” and four episodes of “Roseanne,”"

Sorry, I laughed.

(Although, I do secretly find Alien: Resurrection quite entertaining.)
I hate these April Fools' Day articles. Did not read it, but even reading the headline feels like a waste of time!

I completely agree. The more realistic ones are especially frustrating because every time it feels like Lucy taking away the football. Pranks like "Guillermo del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness adaptation finally greenlit" or "Pushing Daisies/Deadwood/insert-show-in-desperate-need-of-closure-here finally a movie" are the reason I avoid entertainment news sites like the plague every April 1. Otherwise my soul gets crushed. Having said that, Collider is doing something interesting this year. They're using it as a way to comment on our geek/internet culture's snap judgment mentality:

MGM’s THE WIZARD OF OZ Is a Box Office Bomb: Just because L. Frank Baum's source material is a classic doesn't mean the film adaptation can be one, too.

We’ve Got a Description of the STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 – THE PHANTOM MENACE Trailer!: This is going to blow the original trilogy out of the water!

HBO’s Doomed Fantasy Series GAME OF THRONES Reshooting Pilot

George Lucas Hires His Carpenter Harrison Ford to Star in Sci-Fi Film

5 Reasons Heath Ledger Is Wrong for The Joker

Early Word: John Carpenter’s THE THING Is a Bloody Mess: Early reviews are calling Carpenter's 'Escape From New York' follow-up "instant junk".

Is Steven Spielberg Secretly Directing POLTERGEIST?

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Need a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Reboot

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The Collider approach is fun. Bogus reports are just writers wanking themselves and thinking we like watching.
I enjoy them, so to each his own, I guess.

No need to get so stressed out about them if you don't I guess. Just don't read.

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