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April 01 2015

Two new actresses confirmed for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's unknown who they are playing, but they're big enough names to get rumors flying.

Ahh, Linda Cardellini. Whatever you'd call what she's having right now--career resurgence, long-overdue recognition, etc.--she deserves it. One of my favorites.
Both amazing actresses. Wouldn't mind seeing them in other Whedon projects.
Originally there was a great deal of speculation that this was for the lead in Capt Marvel but their ages (46 & 40) make that rather unlikely unless this is for only a few appearances.

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Linda Cardellini! Exciting.
Considering that we're about 20 days from the first international markets to open the movie, I'm curious whether two things might happen again(-ish):

1) The 1st Avengers movie also opened in several international market before it hit the US. But because the final schwarma tag was shot so late into the game, only the US and markets that opened after, got to see that on the big screen. Wonder if we'll get another one of these, initially unplanned things be included "later on".

2) Disney (in general) been doing this a lot, which is region / country adapted content. With Iron Man 3, the Mainland China release, due to local incentives, they got some extra scenes, that the rest of the world didn't see. In Winter Soldier there was the list of things that Steve needed to get caught-up, which differed from market to market. There were like a dozen variations, curious if we might see such content in Age of Ultron. I mention Disney in general, cause I am aware something like that is planned for Pixar's Inside Out for a scene for certain markets.

Maybe that is something that might happen with some different actors appearing in the movie. Pure spec though.

Read someone speculating that Delpy could be playing the Maximoff twins' mother. I can see that, especially if a flashback, but Cardellini could just easily be that role. I'd be surprised if either is a Marvel hero proper, though. Maybe SHIELD agents or something similar?
Numfar PTB~

Totally agree with your spoiler text. How do you do that? I have some things I'll add.
And there's the "flashbacks" or origin sequences we'll be getting about Natasha - as glimpsed from trailers, maybe one of them might fit there.

Whedonesque's How To page has some wonderful tips, for quote boxes and how to do invisio-text:

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Could be it's April 1.
Ah yes, thanks, this is a timely reminder given the different US and UK schedules for SHIELD and Age of Ultron. Invisible text is the best way to do what Numfar PTD did - hide a spoiler for one thing (SHIELD) in a thread about something else (Age of Ultron). That way we aren't spoiling Americans about Age of Ultron in the SHIELD threads or spoiling Brits about SHIELD in the Age of Ultron threads.

If we can avoid those things. Maybe we can't in the end. But we owe it to our friends here to see if we can.
Numfar PTB~


I love Julie Delpy! I don't even care who she plays, I just hope it's a role that will carry over to other movies. Though ... Julie Delpy as a superhero would be amazing.

JDL, I feel like the ages don't necessarily mean Captain Marvel's not a possibility. After all, Robert Downey Jr. was 43 when the first Iron Man came out.

Personally, I'd love to see a 40-something woman superhero. Do we know anything about what direction they're going with the Captain Marvel movie? I know the title and release date has been announced, but I haven't seen much else about it.

Or .... could one of them be an Inhuman? I know very little about the Inhumans from the comics. But perhaps Age of Ultron might introduce one of the major Inhuman characters, to help set up Civil War (and the eventual Inhumans movie)?
I can definitely see Linda Cardellini as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. Not sure about who Julie Delphy could play.
Linda wouldn't make a bad Jen Walters, come to think of it...
Jen Walters would be a very interesting entry to MCU.... makes one think about more heroes being introduced, that don't have solo movies of their own on the slate. Considering how Clint and Natasha are major players but without solo movies of their own, maybe we might get more of those, in preparation for Phase 3.

Which reminds me of early speculation when Claudia Kim casting was announced, I remember some people speculating that she might be Mantis, but that was ages ago.
Not sure about who Julie Delphy could play.

The Enchantress.
*googles the Enchantress* Ooh, sounds like a fun character!
Personally, I'd love to see a 40-something woman superhero.

Same here. That would be awesome if there were some over-40 women as superheroes. Mark Ruffalo is 47. RDJ turns 50 on Saturday. These are not fresh-faced young heroes. I think the world could stand to see older women in dynamic, super-powered roles.
Hope Julie Delpy being in this inspires a lotta folks to check out director Richard Linklater's "Before" trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight). Love her and Ethan Hawke in those.

Linda Cardelini is excellent too. Freaks & Geeks and her stint on Mad Men (and yes, Velma in Scooby Doo). I think I saw a scene or two of her E.R. work, but I can't recall if I've seen anything else of hers.
She (Cardelini) is in Netflix's Bloodline and so far, I have been impressed with it and her role.
Cardellini was also in 8 episodes of Mad Men in 2013.
How about Cardellini as the latest Betty Ross?

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