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April 02 2015

Nathan Fillion writes a love letter to The Walking Dead. From Entertainment Weekly.

"Give me a story that has me asking what Id do in that same situation. Let me be concerned for characters Ive come to know, watch them learn and grow, or stagnate and fail. Let me hate them, let them disappoint me. Let me see them make choices shaped by their experiences. "

I like this, but you also should have characters you love, and ones that surprise and inspire you too. TWD is a great show.
I love Nathan, and I love TWD show, too bad I can't go to his house and be part of the "watching new episodes" experience ;)
He wouldn't like me there, I never shut up when the show starts. :D

[ edited by Stoney on 2015-04-04 17:30 ]
I would be very quiet during the show, and be charming and funny before, after, and in between if only he would let me join in. I guess I'm not the only one wishing I was at his TWD gatherings. Soooo much better than watching it by myself every week.

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