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April 03 2015

The 17 most effective insults from science fiction and fantasy. A few choice lines from the Whedonverse made the list (shocker!)

Love the Whedony lines, but Bill Murray wins this list by a landslide.
There must be more than those in the Whedonverse. Of the one's listed, my favorite is Mal's.
Re #11, I actually prefer Lord Whorfin's "Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy!" line... much more useful in other contexts.
I really hated the robot in Red Dwaf, but Lister X Rimmer always were worth to watch.
I loved the Dalek vs Cybermen banter in that episode of Doctor Who. It was like a "yo mama" joke contest for robots. I'd love to see another episode devoted to those factions going at each other.
Jason, what I thought was really funny about the Dalek vs. Cybermen is that it was the same actor doing all the voices.

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