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April 06 2015

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #14. The issue is out April 22nd.

I thought it was an excellent preview - really smiled at the last panel and appreciated the continuity. I did sort of think the 'It's love!' scenes felt a LITTLE like a fan fiction plot device delivered hastily. But that's fine; I'll let it slide. Looking forward to the full issue.
Wait, I thought Buffy already knew that Harmony/Spike dated. That time when Buffy was tied up in Spike's crypt with Dru--Harmony crashes in a jealous I'm-your-real-girlfriend love-rage. No?
@rawisian-That was back in Season 5. The pages here are referring to when he slept with Harmony in London during Season 9 in Angel & Faith. It was also brought up when Spike apologized to Harmony for using her then in #10 of this Buffy book.

Also, good preview. The characters all seem to have a strong voice this year.
Well going by the repeated 'soul' issue coming up this season I'm hopeful Spike will reflect on the choice to sleep with Harmony, a soulless vamp, and that is Buffy's source of concern. Above a likely general jealousy obviously, which would be understandable but they weren't together at the time. It is something Spike should, especially considering his own arc, realise is not a good choice.

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I thought that the preview was excellent; of course, I'm also sure she's going to run into his Demony side in the next few pages. That will not be fun - or maybe it will be? Evil Spike back again at least in his thoughts?
I haven't been this excited for a Buffy issue in a long time. Christos consistently gets their voices down and wow I forgot how gorgeous Rebekah's artwork is. Bring it on!

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