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April 06 2015

Eliza Dushku to join Cinemax's Banshee. Article details what role / plotline she'll be working on.

In IMDB she isn't credited for Banshee, bt for another show, un 2016 - Turn Back Time.

I watch Banshee. It is good, but the strongest points of the show are the nudity (I don't believe Eliza will do any sex scenes) and the graphic and very well coreographed fight scenes - Here, Faith can appears.
Uh, it was confirmed by Eliza herself on her twitter and facebook. Also IMDB...not the most reliable site.
Also IMDB...not the most reliable site.

To the contrary, these days in the industry IMDB is about as legit a professional resource as you can get - just not until well after a thing's already been released (beforehand stuff's as likely to have been purposefully fabricated as just being idle speculation.)

Best long form 80's action movie around, S3 was spectacular hope they can keep it going.
So she leaves Hollywood to attend college... and now Hollywood wants her back! Go figure.

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