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April 07 2015

iZombie channels Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From the Wondercon 2015 iZombie panel.

I did think that when I saw the first episode. Then I checked who is behind that show and it made all the sense.
I think iZombie is more akin to Pushing Daisies than to Buffy, although Rose McIver's comments in this article now put me in mind of the challenges for the Dollhouse actors. I have enjoyed the show so far, it has a nice sense of whimsy in the storytelling.
I watched a couple of episodes and thought if I wanted to watch Veronica Mars then I'd tune into Veronica Mars. I'm not seeing the show's identity coming through. I quite like the actors though. David Anders is always worth tuning in for.
I watched the first couple episodes and found it kind of slow. I thought it had more in common stylistically with Veronica Mars than with Buffy. But what it has in common with Buffy is probably that it crosses several genres -- horror, comedy, romance, procedural crime drama, etc.
I call it zombie Veronica Mars. Not that I have a problem with that.
We call it ZombiNonnie (because we called Veronica Mars Nonnie, FWIW). And we are enjoying it at our place, nice to see Rob Thomas' Joss-like skills on display weekly again.
I also call it zombie Veronica Mars. It is entertaining, though the third episode was too much procedural, without as much of the humor and whimsy as the previous eps.
I never even thought of it crossing with Buffy or VM. I've highly enjoyed it by itself.
If anything iZombie is more like Veronica Mars meets Dead Like Me. I think the Buffy comparisons have been overblown (at least at this point).
The show definitely reminds me of VM. In fact, I swore some of the dialog in the first episode had been spoken by Kristen Bell. Then again I felt VM was a great replacement for my Buffy style snark fix :).

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