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April 07 2015

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of SHIELD 2x17 "Melinda". Looks like an intense episode.

So this is episode #217 for next Tuesday April 14th.
May Sweeps will start on April 20th and end on May 24th.

As usual the last Tuesday (May 19th) of the Sweeps, ABC is reserving for Dancing with the Stars 3-hour finale. This is already confirmed.

#218 - 04/21
#219 - 04/28
#220 - 05/05

Have yet to find an official listing, but does that mean that we get Double bill #221-#222 for 05/12? Probably, right?

ABC already have a double episode finale for Once Upon a Time listed for 05/10, but can't find an official listing for AoS.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-04-08 22:06 ]
I saw someone connected to the show (can't remember who) tweet last week that the finale would be 2 hours.

THR has a complete list of broadcast finales here: but it looks like NBC and ABC hasn't released their dates yet.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2015-04-08 23:07 ]
I wonder if the finale will start at 8 or 9 ?

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