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April 08 2015

(SPOILER) J. August Richards talks about Deathlok's role on Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD. In this interview shared with several news outlets he talks about the changes in his character development since Season 1 and delves into the character return on Season 2.

Ouch, this was hard entry to write, writing the headline and description to be vague enough, that it can appear on the front page, without being too spoilery.

Considering that multiple sites are posting the interview or parts of it, it be hard to avoid the news anyway, and it is a comprehensive interview that deserved a front page post.

:( the title of this post is actually a very big spoiler for those who haven't seen the latest episode yet...
Sigh. I haven't had the chance to watch the episode yet, and hadn't seen this spoiler anywhere else. So that sucks.
maybe the title can be changed to Whedonverse actor talks return.

But that might still spoil some one.
Seeing as the episode has aired, the various parties concerned social media-ed about it left, right and centre and the entry doesn't give away what he is doing in this season - then it's fine as it is. We do try to minimalise spoilers and this is the best otherwise it just gets meaningless. And ten quid says that Ultron will end up controlling Deathlok. That's how the show will tie into the Avengers sequel.

But I'm just grateful ABC didn't carry out their usual "HEY LOOK EVERYBODY, LOOK AT THIS PLOT DEVELOPMENT" style of promoting the show before an episode airs. I'm guessing they're comfortable with the show right now.
Yes ABC's publicity managed to keep a few secrets, for once. Which was nice. But yes this was all over Twitter as soon as it happened. J. August Richards was tweeting about it, and so on.
The NDA was probably very well worded about what info was embargoed, including how to handle this interview.
As everyone are sourcing from the same one, if the entire transcript was not used.
Considering that the interview involved several news outlets invited for said Set Visit.

Also glad that none of the major appearances from last night's episode were included or teased in the promo or the preview clips they were running during the weekend.
I wouldn't say that it is "fine as it is." It is a blatant spoiler.
Very impressive, how under wraps all this was kept. Was delighted to see Cal, Raina, and Jianying as well (I want the flashback story of Cal and her). Glad Skye didn't kill off Raina, but annoyed that this groups of Inhumans seems to not care about context and who Raina was before she was helped by them (she'd betray you all at the drop of a hat!).

Hadn't considered Deathlok maybe being controlled by Ultron. Brilliant. Chilling. That could be the end of him. :( $10 says Skye's gonna have to be the one to put him down, if it comes to that. She's the closest to the guy.
From the Inhumans POV I totally understand their defending Raina. She's one of them who had to figure out what she was all on her own and even by Inhuman standards her powers are drastic and in some ways terrifying. And they seem very protective of people who go through the Terrigen as the world is filled with people who want to kill them or exploit them.

It's fairly similar to Andrew wanting to look after Dana in Angel S5. Both women have done wrong, but both the Slayers and Inhumans feel an obligation to try and help their people regardless of their pasts.

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