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April 08 2015

Agents of SHIELD ratings: slight uptick to 1.5 this week. Steady as she goes ...

Fresh Off the Boat is a slightly better lead-in than Repeat After Me. Slightly.
With L+3, Agents of SHIELD will easily win the night in 18-49. And such a great episode! I'm almost ready to predict a 2 season pickup coming.
That would be nice.
With syndication economics being what they are, a third season means a fourth.
You see right through my crafty prognosticating skills, AC. :)
4 seasons and a movie!
Unless ABC is considering a retooling of the series/turning it into something else that's still set in the MCU but not SHIELD-focused anymore, or the events in Avengers 2 and the remainder of Season 2 either wipe SHIELD out entirely or make it redundant...this series in its current form is getting a pick-up (the 2-seasons-more pick-up that Andrew mentioned). There's no way ABC/Disney goes without a Marvel live action property on TV and appears to concede defeat to DC/WB.

I have zero fears of this getting renewed and would be shocked if it was canceled. Now, a reduction in episodes per season ? That I can see happening. I would welcome a 12-13 episode season. 'Cause I'm sorry, but it's a rare beast that's all-killer, no-filler when it's 22 to 24 episodes long. And then they could just position the run around a film when they absolutely need it to tie in and then air it during a dry spell to give us something Marvel when they don't. Agent Carter-sized SHIELD minis could be great too.

Bit too much treading water, otherwise.

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I'd be ok with fewer Shield episodes if we got another partner show. Either Shield spin off or show based on another marvel hero.
My biggest fear is not cancellation, but a reduction in budget to the point that they can't do it right anymore. I know Joss and Jed and Maurissa have plenty of experience making the most out of shoestring budgets, but this show has to look at least respectable as part of the MCU.
Budgets really aren't reduced on a per episode basis for shows because almost all the cost has contractually obligated amounts and increases with all the guilds. The only cost saving measure a network can do is order less episodes. It just isn't realistic that the show would ever have to cut costs from where they are now on a per episode basis.
If you see this, how likely is a cut order of episodes? Would that hurt the ability to make it syndication-ready in two seasons because of less episodes total?
I don't know how likely it is but they would cut episode counts before they would cut per episode budgets. It would not bode well for that "automatic" 4th season if they only ended up having something like 13 episodes in total for a season 3. Now, don't panic if what they do is an initial order of 13 in May because that can always change. The concern happens when the back nine isn't picked up by December.

For the record, I don't think any of that is going to happen. AoS is one of ABC's highest rated dramas and it is dynamite with young men (probably their best show by far). It sells insanely well internationally and is by real standards a success. I expect a full season order and a season 4 to happen. Doom and gloomers only paying attention to L+SD ratings have no real info to base their conjecture upon.

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