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April 09 2015

Agents of SHIELD spinoff is in the works. EW has the details.


Did I mention Deathlok? Because if I didn't, it should totally include Deathlok.
Everyone is going to think Inhumans but that movie is too far off. I say Mockingbird.
Maybe Mockingbird breaks off to lead her own Secret Avengers with mid-level heroes such as Deathlok and some of the Inhumans?

I'd call it Marvel's Agents of We Happily Endorse Director's Obvious Narcissism.

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I so mentioned a Shield spinoff in a thread last night. My psychicness surprises me sometimes
Would they spin off Skye into her own show? "Quake"? Or the adventures of Grant Ward and Agent 33?

I wish they'd make a Runaways tv show.

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Doubt they'd split any of the main 5, particularly after all they've put into making Skye 2nd lead of the show. They could spin out Bobbi, Mack or Lance though.
Grant Ward is a private detective in Los Angeles on the road to redemption.
Ward is already off on his own invisible spinoff. Or so it has felt for most of the second half of this season.
I really do think Ward could get sent to another show(if not given his own) due to the fact that him returning to the team strains credibility. Fitz would never be cool with that. And he can't be a recurring antagonist forever because then he'll drift into Spike's "Why do we still let you live?" territory. The writers have so far avoided these things by isolating him from the rest of the cast and leaving him out of episodes but they can't do that forever. He'll eventually need to be written out.
I am sure that Simon was joking, but that was my first thought when I saw that Jeffrey Bell was going to be involved. I imagine it wouldn't be exactly "redemption" though, since Ward doesn't feel he needs to be redeemed. However, they're going to have to do something fairly drastic to make me want to root for Ward to realize what a jerk he has been.

My other thoughts are that it could "agents of the other shield", but that seems kind of repetitive, or all of the Inhumans, but that seems like it might step on the toes of the upcoming movie.
I would actually like to see the two SHIELDs end up as separate shows.
A spin-off about the 'Other SHIELD' would feel kinda point-less (and end up feeling like a NCIS, NCIS:LA, CSI etc etc, type situation.)
A Deathok/ Mockingbird series as kinda a Secret Avengers type show would be very fun(and a good way of featuring some of the other gifted characters out there.)

A Ward spin-off would certainly be interesting...although I would wonder what the hook would be for a weekly series.

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This is awesome. It seems these days you can't swing a cat without hitting another Mutant Enemy-related Marvel project. I can't wait to see what Jeffrey and Paul have in mind. I'm really excited, whatever it is. In fact, I'm heading over to Badass Digest. Devin Faraci's Marvel Studio sources are always spot on. I'm sure he'll be the first to leak the details.
I wonder if this means that Joss will be really committed to his TV properties and that will be his focus for the time being.
Wow. Did not see that coming. My initial reaction is - "hey, those AoS renewal odds look pretty good" The trick to a spin off to be of something, but explore a dynamic that is totally unique. My favorite example is from the sitcom world - 'Frasier' spun off from 'Cheers', had the occasional guest star, but was it's own particular voice.

I'd think Mockingbird could do that - a more solo/spy oriented show (I don't think Coulson's easily taking her back into the fold) that plays in same MCU, but allows AoS to continue to become more engaged with the "big picture" superhero stuff. I thought Agent Carter did that counterpoint really well (Hopeful that the "60% chance" on that item comes to fruition)

There's no way I see Ward as a spinoff - he is after all an unrepentant sociopath. While his arc could wrap this season I could also see him morphing into the kind of chronic nemesis who is constantly intersecting with our heroes for good or bad from season to season
Luke Mitchell's character was too well written just for a guest star. So I'd wager he would be in the spinoff.
Oh wow, KissingToast, I did not even consider that Joss(or the Whedons) may not be involved with a potential spin off. If it happens and they use a character that Joss created(Ward) would Joss get a EP credit anyways?(like Stan Lee)
Someone on twitter talking about this mentioned an Alias like show featuring one SHIELD agent as a spy in one of the many bad guy's companies and using Bobbi specifically. I could see that. I also wondered if that wasn't how they were going to resolve the SHIELD split. Just actually split them. Gonzales and Coulson finally come to an agreement and he takes his agents and his ship and they both continue to fight the good fight on their own turfs. I'm not sure how a show about Ward would work though. He doesn't even have a purpose right now other than to hang out with 33.

ETA: Or a show from the POV of the Inhumans as they go through the mist and learning how to use their powers, etc.

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I think it would be a Mockingbird spinoff. I just can't see her continuing to be a member of Coulson's team after current events, and both the actress and the character are definitely capable of headlining a show.
I'd suspect an Inhumans show. There is a movie planned, but that's four years off at this point. Would it be possible that they'd scrap the movie and make a TV show instead?
My money would also be on Mockingbird.
Good call on the Luke Mitchell character. After the last episode, I could see a separate show focusing on that community.
JMaloney, i don't think that's likely. Kevin Feige is quoted as saying Inhumans is a "a series of franchises unto themselves." Disney wouldn't downgrade that just to do a tv show.
I'm with Mockingbird camp. She's had quite the screen time and,IMO, is similar to May's character. Those two together make a formidable team but I don't see that happening much after the latest developments. A spinoff with her makes sense.

I do feel like the writing is still a bit shakey so I'm hoping a whole new team is brought on for a spinoff.

I'm surprised as I didn't think the show had the ratings to warrant the idea of a spinoff. But everything is changing fast with networks. I'm guessing this means S.H.I.E.L.D. is renewed and that's comforting.

I guess we are waiting until May to hear about Agent Carter? I love that show and am still concerned.
I'd love to see a spin-off with some of the darker characters (Mockingbird, Deathlok and a semi-untrustworthy and completely psychotic Ward) forming a black ops unit for Coulson and dealing with major threats of both the Hydra and Inhuman variety. There could even be an Inhuman on the team. Fran Kranz's tweet is making a lot more sense to me.
Okay - if Crazy Cal can join Dark Shield then I'm in @JesusSavedin01.
I think a Mockingbird series and an Inhumans series are equally likely. No way an Inhumans show would replace the movies since Inhumans is Disney/Marvel Studio's X-Men and opposed to X-Men being Fox's X-Men. That sentence makes perfect sense in my head.

As I said at this time last year, S3 of AoS is a given and that makes S4 a given as well. It would be great, in light of all this, if people would stop worrying about it now. And yes, I realize I am spitting in the wind asking fans to not worry about cancellation of their favorite show. I can still ask. :)

It's a whole new world and ratings is only one tiny bit of the puzzle especially with Marvel and DC properties.

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@JesusSavedIn01 --what was that Tweet again? I think I once remember reading it, but now I can't remember what it was...
Even as paranoid as I am, I would say this news means AoS is about 99% safe for another couple of seasons.

I don't think a Mockingbird spinoff would include any of the other AoS characters, except maybe Mack. There might be occasional crossovers. I expect the whole "realSHIELD" storyline will be wrapped up by the end of this season, and they wouldn't be a central factor in the new show.
IrrationaliTV, do not take picnicking away from us! There's no fun in feeling safe. Seriously, right now I'm more worried about the lives of the characters in AoU.

Fran tweeted on September 24th . That tweet was then deleted later that day. This is big because .

If Agents of SHIELD is a semi-adaptation of Secret Warriors, then this spin-off that Jeffrey and Paul are overseeing just might be called ! And I could easily see Mockingbird, Deathlok and Ward as main characters on that series. I'm so freakin' excited if that's the case.

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I'll go ahead and say it: unless this is a midseason placeholder like Agent Carter was, this is a terrible idea. Like, Agents of SHIELD ain't exactly killing the ratings, and between this, the Netflix stuff, and all the upcoming movies (plus Spider-Man... don't even get me started there...) I've hit my Marvel saturation point. But that's cool, Marvel, kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. People are already turning out in droves, so go ahead, launch a second really expensive show on ABC.
Personally, I'll second the Deathlok notion. A Deathlok series would be awesome!
@hann23-The end of the article claims Agent Carter has a 60% chance of being renewed. Technically SHIELD isn't officially renewed right now either, ABC waits until May for everything to be official.
My money is on a "Agent Carter"-replacement show. Keeping "Agents of SHIELD"s timelot warm in winter. Deathlok and Mockingbird really seem like the best bet.

I think Luke Mitchell is going to be a major recurring character, but not in the spinoff.
My official prediction is Agents of SWORD, what with the current "Real SHIELD" having problems with Coulson being too buddy-buddy with alien-type things.
How about "All of the above"? An anthology show could give us all of those ideas, plus maybe toned-down episodes of Daredevil to get fans to see the uncut version on Netflix. It can also try out ideas for the Inhumans movie, too.
I gotta say, an Inhumans spinoff seems super boring to me. But I love the idea of a Mockingbird/Deathlok/Ward show! Like, "Here are the people seeking to redeem themselves, and Coulson is not averse to using them, but they just don't play that well with more innocent others, so out into the field with them!" If Fran Kranz is actually involved, I will die of squee.
I find this puzzling - because the current show can use all the characters we're talking about, and use them well. Bobbie and May benefit from each other's presence, just for instance.

I totally agree with swanjun, however, that the appearance of Fran Kranz would kill me with squee.

Would understand better if we were talking about another mid-season miniseries (although I want Agent Carter back). But a "full" spinoff feels like overkill.

[Edited to add that I would be delighted to be proved wrong!]

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I think they see the benefits and synergy that is happening with Flash and Arrow with crossovers and the new spin-off that is already in the works coming from both shows (not to mention Supergirl).

If ABC/Marvel/Disney can get 2 engaging shows going it will lift all boats. The crossover potential between Agent Carter and AoS is pretty limited and the crossover potential of either show to the Netflix shows is almost nonexistent in a meaningful (not just easter egg-y) way.
Oh nos, more on twitterverse are thinking the same @IrrationaliTV - this is not good news for Agent Carter. Even Cancellation Bear tweeted it as not the best news for my girl.

Ugh. It hurts.
I really hope they are not ditching Agent Carter for a nebulous spinoff. I'm all for a spin-off, but not if it means Agent Carter is history.
I thought Agent Carter's chances were 50/50 before today's news. Now I think the chances of a 2nd season is 10% at best. Hope to be wrong on this one.
Uhm wasn't Agent Carter a mini series anyway? I feel like I missed something here.
It was mini in its episode order but not in its series potential, Grack21. The possibility of subsequent seasons has always existed and the showrunners and producers are campaigning pretty furiously on social media to get a second season.
I have to say, I'd rather see a second season of Agent Carter than even a Mockingbird spinoff. But I'd prefer to see both.

Don't really think 8 episodes a year of Agent Carter is that much of an investment or risk. There are no helicarriers or quinjets or transforming aliens to deal with... just people on a 1940's backlot set with some cool props.
Ah, I was always under the impression that it was meant to be a one off kind off thing.

anyway the obvious choice is to have Agent Carter, Simmons, Lady Silf, and Zola drive around in a van a solve mysteries!
Mostly I just want more Agent Carter. Because it is my favorite thing.

But as long as we get a second season of Agent Carter, I think a Mockingbird show could be fantastic. I like her character, but it seems like there's limited room for her to develop in the current show--there are already so many other characters and plotlines. I could see Bobbi/Mockingbird working really well as someone off on her own, infiltrating evil organizations, beating up villains of the week, etc. I'd love to see her as the lead on a show--both the character and the actor have tons of potential.
Agreeing if Ward is ever going to show up on a regular basis again it's going to have to be on a spin-off since he is dead to everyone on the original team. I could see him working with Bobbi given both their exceptional undercover skills and more tolerance from her since she wasn't there for his initial betrayal. Plus lots of potential for clever repartee regarding her need to keep an eye open for possible backstabbing on his part. Having given Agent 33 the ability to change to faces other than May means she could be played by another actress if she wants to come back to the side of good.
I honestly don't want any show that expects me to stomach Ward as a protagonist. I like his character and would enjoy him as a recurrent antagonist (perhaps even one that is sometimes forced to work with the heroes, la Supernatural's Crowley), but not as a protagonist. However, a show built around Bobbi could be a lot of fun, and I could see her being a bit of an awkward fit on AoS, moving forward.
Don't ever discount a redemption arc in a Whedon show. Seems a bit silly at this point. Yes?
Too soon. Bad Idea.
Grack21.....Just saw your "obvious choice" comment......I love it, but do you realise how much Fan-fiction you have just inspired!! ;) ;)

anyway the obvious choice is to have Agent Carter, Simmons, Lady Sif, and Zola drive around in a van a solve mysteries!

"Dr. Zola... will you give us the secret formula if we give you a Zola Snack? How about two Zola Snacks?"

Anyway, what did the evil Zola do to deserve being put in a van with three hot brunettes with sexy accents? Two of them genuine!
No. Actually, I don't consider my opinion silly.
That's what I was wondering @AndrewCrossett. If it's any guy in the Mystery Van - it's Crazy Cal, as he's had to probably glue bits of his wife back together and lost his daughter.

I can see Simmons and Cal in the back discussing the molecular structure of super power genes, while Agent Carter rides shot gun trying to find decent music on the radio and Lady Sif drives, cuz she's definitely driving even if she doesn't know how.

But Zola can be there instead of Cal as I'm not one to force my story opinions on a creator. :-)

Can someone write this please?
Ward's got a lot of potential as a free agent that SHIELD has to deal with, but I can't see him carrying his own show as a lead. He's much more fun when he's not too sympathetic, to be honest.
while Agent Carter rides shot gun trying to find decent music on the radio

"Can't I get any Vera Lynn on this blasted thing? And what in the hell does 'Girls, hit your hallelujah' mean, anyway?"
Brett Dalton wouldn't be able to carry a show. I don't know if Adrianne Palicki can pull it off, either. But what do I know?
I do think of all of the possibilities being discussed here - J. August Richards has the most potential to headline a show. Even when he's just part of a scene, he's thoroughly engaging without stealing the focus. IMO, he's got it and Deathlok is the right opportunity.

Ha ha! @AndrewCrossett What if she came across "Push it" and Simmons starts singing it in the back? Road trip fictions are the best.
Fanfic spinoff: all the travel we don't see on the show. Coulson and Hunter's road trip. May and her Mom talking (or not talking) in the car. Simmons settling in to infiltrate Hydra.
Get Audi or BMW on board and film webisodes of that, Sunfire. Just like On the way to Albuquerque with Coulson.
Don't think that's a good idea. They should focus on AoS, this season is pretty good, but it's not exactly amazing, and I don't see what another series would bring.
Bad idea, I think Agents of SHIELD could still be much better, they should focus on that.

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From what I am reading on Deadline Hollywood it seems like the spinoff would poach cast from the main show. I can't see anyone
leaving AoS for an 8-9 week show so common sense says this is a full 22 episode show. Well that is unless of course they are leaving
no matter what. I could see Brett Dalton's character doing this but I doubt he could carry a show at this time.
EW says it will be clear from the events that are yet to happen on AoS this season. So speculation (which is what you get at Deadline) right now seems kinda premature.

And I'll watch every good comic book based show they put on TV so the more the merrier!

I'm currently watching Arrow, Flash, Gotham, iZombie and Daredevil. Watched Constantine (mostly, it didn't hold up), Walking Dead, and Agent Carter. Can't wait for Supergirl, the Flash/Arrow spin-off, The Walking Dead spin-off, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and whatever else Marvel wants to throw at me. Less cop shows, more comic book shows please!
Ah I just picked Zola cause I watched Winter Soldier for the 900th time again and I fricking love the way they did him in that movie.
Would much rather see Agent Carter come back than a S.H.I.E.L.D. spin off. And I can't see Ward carrying a show or even being redeemed in this one. He is almost as crazy as Skye's father - maybe even more so. You don't fix that kind of damage.

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