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April 09 2015

Age of Ultron tracking for HUGE opening weekend. Deadline reports that tracking suggests The Avengers sequel will have one of the biggest openings in film history and possibly reach $200M. Update: Marvel has released the character poster for The Vision.

I don't think anyone is surprised about this. It's a shame that this will be Whedon's last Avengers film.

I guess I need to lock down my opening weekend plans before I'm stuck choosing between lousy times and lousier IMAX/3D.
I'm seeing it at 10.30 in the morning of the 24th. Really excited.
I have tickets for the 30th of April(2d) and the 2nd of May(3d IMAX).
I just got mine yesterday. The Friday May 1st 8pm was already sold out at my favorite theater. Thankfully some tickets were still available at 7pm.
This will be the highest grossing film in history.
Take that, FOX!!!

I have my tickets for 7:30 pm, April. 30 for the 2D, non-IMAX version. Will pick up more for after that weekend this week. I'm cool with not being trampled by psycho movie goers.
IMAX 24th evening. Can't wait.
I have to get my tix! Woot!!!! Go Joss!!!!
I hate seeing blockbuster movies on opening weekend, because of the hordes of kids (and adults) talking through the show, lighting the place up with their phones and kicking the back of my seat.

But I suppose I'll have to make an exception this time...
See it twice! That's what I do.
So The Vision will sound like Paul Bettany and look like Peter Weller. I approve.
I have my tickets booked for the 24th too and I NEVER buy tickets this far in advance for a cinema visit :)
First viewing will be on IMAX on the 22nd evening. But will other options throughout the weekend. I love getting to buy tickets with numbered seats.
Have gone ahead and bought tickets. It'll be 3D (dammit) on Friday afternoon, May 1, because kidjavelina has the afternoon off from school, so early seemed better.

The theater is my absolute favorite, with reserved seating and reclining leather seats, so there's that. But 3D was the only thing we could find. Again, dammit.
The reclining chair cinemas here only have the IMAX/3D version, so people can get their migraines in comfort. Will have to wait to see if they'll have it in Old Fart 2D. I have pondered bringing a super soaker with me to use on people who can't put their phones away for 2-1/2 hours.

Joss is going to have another movie out! :D
You lucky people in other countries getting to see this before April 30th!
We get it here on April 23rd (Singapore), but it's not available for sale yet. Argh!
Why are Americans the last people in the world who get to see this American movie? Why do they want all that weird multi-colored foreign money more than my drab green American dollars?
Possibly to stem piracy by releasing it outside of the US first. Or avoidance of big holidays/sporting events that are not US centric. Is May day a thing in some countries? Big soccer tournaments sometimes mean shifting international release dates too. I'm throwing darts.

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