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March 30 2004

Casting Changes for Aly's NBC Pilot. Michael Landes is replacing Eric Christian Olsen as the male lead in NBC's untitled comedy starring Alyson Hannigan, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Isn't Aly filming this pilot this week and now they change the brother???? Ok weird and Hollywood but they normally make casting changes after the network sees the pilot. Anyway they also have DS casting news at the bottom, where it belongs and will be.
>>Anyway they also have DS casting news at the bottom, where it belongs and will be.<<


i laugh so hard :)
Ahh, no!! I was excited for the other guy... I thought the casting was perfect. He's a great comedic actor, and his smile would have been really believable next to Aly's as siblings...

::sighs:: Damn. Once again, I'm reminded that I'm not in charge of all the casting in the world.
The pilot was scheduled to be taped tomorrow night (3/31).
However, the taping was very suddenly cancelled yesterday.
There is a run-through with an audience tonight at 7pm and I think tickets are already sold-out. The new date for the taping has not been announced.
That's too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Eric Christian Olsen in this. He's popped up in a lot of goofball roles, but he's also impressed in more dramatic stuff like the failed drama Get Real and his stellar guest spot on an episode of 24 last season.

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