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"I need better back-up than C3PO and Stick Figure Barbie."
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April 10 2015

(SPOILER) If you're even the tiniest bit averse to spoilers, this EW article is a case of 'here be dragons'. You have been warned, it's very spoiler-laden.

Thanks Simon for warning me.

I'll pass.
For now.

But how to live to 'premiere-date in my country'? (The Netherlands) Howto!?
OK, I'll take care of My Family for 12 days on a row ...

Hello there Inter-web.
Is there anyone who wants to join me in the first week of screening?
I'm in the "Amsterdam(med) region". ;-)

Tara, Anton.
(there is an e-mail-address in my profile...)
Not reading. Not reading. Not reading.

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