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April 10 2015

Jeph Loeb on the possibility of new seasons of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. "I can tell you that everyone that's involved with those shows is ready and raring to keep going. If you know the people at ABC, please feel free to email, to send peanuts, or whatever it is that you would do in order to tell the Network your love for the show. [Laughs]".

Oh, please! Four seasons are all but guaranteed.
Uh oh. Its never a good sign when the people behind the show start asking the fans to start writing letters. Everyone: Stark Picnicking.
If a third season is not guaranteed, then what's the deal with the spin off development order?
I'm sure his comments were tongue in cheek and more about Agent Carter than AoS. Let's not take this too literally. Or picnic away. I'm sure every show you love will be cancelled this season. All is lost. Oh No!
Well, I only watch Shield and Game of Thrones, so I'm not too worried.
SHIELD should be fine. Agent Carter couldn't hurt to have some fan and critic love.
At this point, I'd think that sending stuff to the network (aside from letters) would just annoy them more than anything else. Packages of peanuts don't get shows renewed... ratings, demographic data and syndication potential gets shows renewed.

Every single cancelled show of the past 15 years has had a fan campaign of some kind to save it.
Cool it everyone. According to the article he laughed after he said it. "Peanuts or whatever" doesn't sound serious at all. No way they'd be thinking of a spin-off if SHIELD was in danger or even on the bubble. Since nobody denied that they are thinking of a spin-off, they probably really are doing it. He's just doing what any PR person would do by trying to get fans to do some free marketing for them.

Also, the fact that they don't even have a solid premiere time in mind for the spin-off leads me to assume they don't even have an ideal number of episodes for it. Therefore, Carter is probably still going to be able to run in the timeslot Jan/Feb, should it return.

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In my mind the peanuts reference was an obvious call out to the save Jericho campaign that kinda sorta worked for a truncated additional season of lower quality. That was why it seemed like an off hand joking remark. Everyone knows the days of that kind of thing working is long over.
So, send thousands of prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches directly to Jeph Loeb, is what I took away from this.
True, now the only way for shows to come back is if another network or even digital service seems interested in it. (The Killing, Unforgettable).

While Marvel doesn't have final say at ABC, any show will have a better chance there if they have the Marvel/Disney synergy. OUAT also gets this to an extent as they can use direct references to the Disney fairy tales.

I was going to send margarita umbrellas!
Maybe we should send them monkeys.
Yes! Let's send them barrels full of live monkeys.

That will make them very happy. *nods wisely*
Sigh - this is about Agent Carter. The AC PTBs on twitter asked for help this week. I've been tweeting @ABC @Marvel @Disney everyday #RENEWAGENTCARTER. I think Jeff Loeb is trying to help by joking about it in his way, esp since his spinoff fired up cancellation talk for AC.

(I'm clueless if my twitter efforts help in anyway but it makes me happy so I do it. )

SHIELD is fine. They want three shows - not two.

Maybe we need to send red lipstick to ABC? I'm JOKING, sort of.

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