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April 10 2015

(SPOILER) First clip from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x17 "Melinda". This clip is more eventful than what we usually see in these sneak peeks.

You know what else he could be using the bunks for? Agents. In training. To rebuild SHIELD like Fury told him too. And why not include some Inhumans in the mix? Loki brought an alien army! We could use the help. May seemed OK with Skye. But I guess the only good Inhumans are the ones you got to know before they changed... (BTW, I think both May & Simmons are still playing the others but they might not have told the other what they're up too so they both think they're in with nu SHIELD & won't *that* be awkward when they finally figure out what the others been up too?)
Deleted after a second thought.

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Intriguing. Could this build up to an AoU tie-in related to the training facility we saw in behind-the-scene-pics last year?

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