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March 30 2004

Interview with the co-creator of the Saving Angel campaign. "We just felt that we needed to make a stand. Good genre TV is dropping by the minute faster than we can say. TV is becoming a wasteland."

That is a really good interview. I almost didn't read it and now I'm glad I did. I like how clear they are that it is not just about AtS per se but about quality television in general.

Very interesting about the conversation with David Fury, puts a little bit of a different spin on it. And I'm amazed at how small most of the donations have been--it really does show just how many viewers are really concerned.
The interview articulates the underlying sentiment of a lot of the posts I've read here. We're not a bunch of geeks throwing a temper tantrum like some kid who got his candy taken away. It's deeper down than trying to save Angel. It's wanting to be heard and expressing frustration at being told we as viewers don't matter because the networks can't make more money trying to sell us stuff. Or being told what we want. I don't want Charmed. I don't want Dark Shadows. I hope the suits take note of how many $$$ viewers are willing to donate because greed is the only language they seem to speak. I think potential revenue is the only possible thing that could sway them to do the right thing and give Angel a 6th season.

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