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April 12 2015

Joss gives answers to very touchy subjects in Badass Digest interview. Joss talks about Twitter, his comment regarding Jurassic World, GamerGate, and Adam Baldwin.

I'm glad to see an interview of Joss focused on more real-world stuff, rather than Age of Ultron.
Violated my rule of not clicking on sites with titles like that because the Jurassic World intrigued me. go, Joss.

Never knew Adam B. was also an anti-vaxxer.

And the comments recycle a lot of anti-Firefly stuff.
That's a pretty amazing interview. I <3 Joss.

Yeah @DaddyCatALSO that's interesting. Wow.
Really appreciate a real issues interview in the midst of this Age of Ultron promotional period.

Adam Baldwin always reminds me that we can appreciate and enjoy someone's work without agreeing with the person's personal opinions or views.
I'm sad for Joss' sadness. Adam's behavior over the years, informed by his Libertarianism is hard to take. I've been a huge fan of his since My Bodyguard (a more sensitive performance I don't believe I've ever seen). I can't imagine what it's like to know him in the artistic world and as a friend and be called out on Twitter or asked to do something that runs contrary to your own beliefs. It's also sad that Joss has to second-guess himself on an opinion (Jurassic World) that then becomes news, but part of that opinion IS actually something that needed saying. A really good interview.
Good short interview. I skipped the comments.
I was surprised when Joss made that comment about Jurassic World. He is usually more careful than that, so it was good to see it discussed in this. And it must have been a relief to answer questions about something other than Ultron for a minute or two.
He tries so hard to be positive about Baldwin but that comment "that lack of connection with the reality..." stood out for me.
Didn't know Baldwin is an anti-vaxxer either but it seems to fit.
Up here in Canada we recently had an anti-vaxxer publicly change her mind after her 7 children got whooping cough.
Yeah, Adam's sexist and homophobic Twitter comments and his undying support of the hate group that he dubbed GamerGate disappointed the hell out of me. Like Numfar PTB alluded to: love the art, not the artist.

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I like to think of myself as a pretty tolerant and inclusive sort of individual but the anti-vaccination brigade (depressingly I have a cousin who's one) make me want to rip my hair out & smack my head against a wall.
Disconnect from reality is a pretty accurate description of both anti-vaxxers and gamergaters. I'd add pathologically stubborn to that.
Why am I not surprised that Adam's an anti-vaxxer? Joss is the voice of sanity.
Urgh! Devin Faraci?!? I'm really not a fan of that interviewer, given that he's been crowing about reading a stolen edition of Joss's Age of Ultron script, (in fact two different versions..) for over a year now. Including leaking supposed story secrets (even about the ending) to all his 'followers' on that site for quite some time. I bet he never admitted THAT in the interview. So seeing him cosying up to Joss in this way, really feels horribly manipulative..
Drew Mcweeny at Hitfix got a look at an early draft as well. I'm not defending the practice, but in that industry it's pretty endemic, as long as the interest exists people will try & benefit from it. Human nature and all that. That said (and I'm fully aware of the history Devin has with this site) he is a vocal espouser of causes close to JW's heart, and a very vocal supporter of Whedon's work. I like his writing, and I like his take on things (mostly) and I particularly liked that someone took the opportunity at a press junket to ask those questions, which created a very interesting piece, rather than the usual "who would win in a fight?" or "why do you write such strong female characters?" Just a thought.
Amusingly Devin is the person joss called out on Whedonesque back during the Serenity release, for saying Browncoats caused Serenity to fail, if memory serves? He's also a good guy and a big fan who speaks his mind -- even if some of his opinions are, well, loud. He's a reverse Jayne.

Life is complicated. Or rather, people are complicated. When Serenity released, there was supposed to be a fan day at Universal for the movie, but it wasn't organised particularly well. Adam was there, and hung around in the bar talking to people - he wasn't paid to do that, he did it because the event didn't quite go to plan. He's a great family guy who went above and beyond with the Firefly fandom on many occasions. And I think some of his GamerGate tweets helped fill the cycle of nonsense that put (and continues to put) people at risk in the real world, which just isn't okay with me.

Basically Adam was perfectly cast as Jayne.

To be fair to Faraci, he's been pretty open about having a source at Marvel Studios. And it's a fairly well known trade "secret" that 90% of the "leaked" information about upcoming film and TV projects are given to the bloggers and entertainment news sites by the studios themselves in order to drum up free publicity and buzz for their projects (The other 10% being unauthorized leaks like the Age of Ultron trailer and the complete workprints of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Expendables 3). The studios get free publicity and the websites get more clicks for their ad revenues. It's a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kind of situation. Believe me Joss, Kevin Feige, Jeph Loeb and the Russo Brothers have no problem whatsoever with Faraci and his sources. Because they ARE Faraci's sources.
You can clearly see how hurt Adam makes Joss. I can understand. I am a fan of Adam the actor, not so of the person is who I unfollowed a LONG time ago from Twitter, and who I need to take brace myself every time (if I ever) browse his feed.

I love Joss being vocal about what he believes in. No one is agreed with 100% and I know there were a couple of things along the way that I disagreed with Joss about. But when posing a moral, cultural or political issue with a good approach as Joss does (i.e. educated and not intended to be offensive), even when you disagree with a person, you move on. Other celebrities or vocal speakers lack that basic knowledge/tact in how to broach a subject or voice an opinion (and Iím not pointing out 140 char Twitter as the culprit Ė even those with their own spot on TV).
In other words, 'Hate the game, not the players?' Yeah, I get that that's the way internet journalism of the entertainment variety has been of late. Just not a fan of it. Oh well, maybe I'm just getting too old!
(You kids better get off my damn lawn! And don't be mouthing off spoilers, whilst you do so.. ;) )
For my part I'm on the opposite side. I love, admire, and spread the word of Whedon's creativity and his art. But I probably am completely on the opposite side Weltanschauungically and therefore politically and otherwise. I'm probably a whole lot closer to Adam Baldwin in those areas ó though I still don't understand Gamergate and am not anti-vaccine.

That said, I admire Whedon's grace in how he talks about someone with whom he so profoundly disagrees. Given how Whedon usually sneeringly dismisses anyone not of his worldview, it was a very pleasant surprise. Very nicely done.
I used to want to hear Joss' response to Anita Sarkeesian's claims that his works (especially Dollhouse) are not feminist.

That said, I've read enough of Joss' interviews to read a little bit more behind his statements from this article:

Thereís also the anonymity, which is letting us express primal rage. And we all have it. Itís not just coming from fandom, itís all over the place. Iím as likely to be attacked by feminists for saying something feminist as I am to be attacked by anybody else. Weíve gone into this crouch and leap mode.


[...E]verything I make gets judged by that standard [as an artist]. ďThis movie isnít feminist enough!Ē Well, this movie is about people, itís not a polemic. Itís going to come from me, and I have everything in me - including that inchoate rage that wants to attack everybody. Once you define yourself, your art becomes more limited.

And I know his support of her efforts comes from an entirely separate place than whether his intent is universally interpreted as he'd prefer. This was a satisfying read for me for that reason.
I'm Libertarian leaning. I chose to have my kids vaccinated. I saw no compelling evidence it would be detrimental and a lot of evidence that it would be beneficial.

Politics is not all black and white. Just because a person believes in subject "A" doesn't mean they also believe in subject "B", even if "B" is sometimes associated with "A". We are all individuals and therefore varied in our beliefs.

I don't always agree with Joss or Adam, but I am glad they are both free to express themselves as they see fit. That's what freedom and liberty is all about.

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