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April 12 2015

Watch an epic fight scene in this Age of Ultron clip. Clip 1 was shown during last night's MTV Movie Awards. Clip 2 shows a quieter moment. Clip 3 is a a group argument. Clip 4 is Spadertastic.

I'm not watching because I've seen a bit already but I got my tix!!!!! May 1 8:20 EST - Woot!!!!
Yeah, I'm starting to resist watching or reading anything about A:AoU. I feel like, with every new clip or article, I'm chipping away at my impending enjoyment of this movie!
Watching Tony and Bruce fight hurts me. And a whole lot of cars.
I do regret watching this clip a bit, even though pieces were already spread through the tv-ads and trailers.
As I was watching it last night, realized how I was 10 days to properly watch the movie, and it bothered me I was watching the clip on a smaller screen.

When I leave work today, will stop by the box office to get tickets for the viewing I got scheduled with some friends, finally got into a good showtime for all of us, considering one of us have a kid.
Added a second clip of a scene between Hulk and Black Widow. It immediately reminded me of Beast's ball of string.
I'll eagerly gobble up every snippet of this movie. I already know I'll see it at least a dozen times in the theater anyway and enjoy it every time so I'm not too concerned about spoilers. :)
I'm not watching any clips or anymore tv spots. I've seen enough now.

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