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April 13 2015

Joss talks with Vulture about the difficulty of making Age of Ultron. "Is it perfect? It is not. Is it me? It's so baldly, nakedly me. To do something that is as personal as this movie is - on that budget, for a studio that needs a summer tentpole - is an extraordinary privilege."

I'm so glad he said "no" and that he gets to take a break soon!
I want very desperately to see the 3.5 hour cut one day.

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As much as he’s able to, Whedon brightens when asked about what comes next: He has no idea, and that's thrilling. “As an artist, I need to create something of my own, and I also need to do something new,” he said. “This idea of trying to be better at my job and trying to broaden my vocabulary is not one I intend to walk away from. The next thing I think of may be a sequel to something, I don't know, but the idea that all bets are off now is incredibly exciting to me.”"

This is very exciting. I hope he gets some rest after this 2 month promotion period for the movie and gets some well deserved vacation. Did he and Kai even get to do the trip to Italy like they planned to during the original Avengers break, which ended up becoming Much Ado About Nothing.
He deserves to do nothing but chillax for a while now.
Damn, I would be a bit worried about the film if there hadn't already been some really positive reactions to it. (I was a bit worried about the sheer amount of stuff in the film being overkill and beyond even Joss's juggling skills.) Sounds like it's just Joss being really self-critical. I think that's an attribute that really great creatives tend to have, it drives them to always do better and make the best work possible. It's going to be really interesting to see what he does next, as it seems like it will be a new era for Joss what with him being the toast of Hollywood now.

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