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March 30 2004

(SPOILER) Eonline's Kristin in her week chat talks about Angel ... and a rumor as to why SMG will not appear, was it a Grudge or not?

Also a brief mention of Wonderfalls timeslot swap.

This probably is just a rumor because SMG made a big point of saying she didn't want Angel's finale to be all about Buffy and she was filming The Grudge when the episode they wanted her for was filmed.
yeah, SMG did make a big deal that she didnt want the end to be about buffy, and this totally contradicts that statement. this most likely is just another rumour coming out after the reports of her not being back. but kristin seems to think she will. i doubt it, but we can dream.

this is just a rumour, but i read on another posted site that SMG had been recently seen on the angel set.................dont know how true that is, thats just what i read.

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Well, I suppose in the same way David seems to be now reacting to the cancellation(as compared to before), perhaps SMG DID want to be in the final, and when she found she couldn't, she tried to put a nice spin on it by saying she never wanted it in the first place. It seems these actors are continually putting a spin on things to give it the best light for everyone. But who knows....

As for her being seen on set, I'd bet anything it's one of the 'lookalikes' they're using for some of the scenes that someone mistaked for her.
yeah you could be right rogue slayer, but the best statement is definately "who knows." we will never know the full truth, only speculation, but either way, if SMG did want to be in the final, well i agree with her.......but thats just me.
I never saw the need for SMG to be in the Angel finale cause she was never really a part of the show except for the occassional mention of her - I mean she wasn't in the frist episode of Angel and for that matter she has only actually appeared in the show twice which was in the first season (not counting this season appearances cause that was canned stuff from BTVS). It would have been nice but not a nescessity. Angel being on Buffy was different he was there from the begining and to be there if only for a few moments at the end was a nice touch. I think Joss is right not to have the remaining episodes be about Buffy and for the most part I wish they didn't even have an episode mentioning or even hinting at her anymore, cause the show may have started from Buffy but it was never Buffy it was Angel, that's why it was called Angel and not BTVS: The Angel Chronicals or something like that.
I agree, RavenU, the finale shouldn't be about Buffy, because it would inevitably devolve into Spuffy vs Bangel, which is a little demeaning to the whole concept of Angel the series.
I'm still hoping that this is all just a huge ploy to throw off the spoiler whores and that SMG will really appear. The whole thing where they see a Buffy look-a-like in a crowd sounds really stupid to me. I guess it would depend how it was filmed, but in theory it sounds ridiculous.
In BtVS at the start of S4 Buffy sees an Angel 'look-a-like' in the Bronze. And it was DB doing it (until the cut to another actor for Buffy to realise it wasn't Angel)
yeah if SMG isnt in that episode then i dont think they should have a glimse of someone looking like her. i always hate those, anyway i hope to it is a statement to throw us off and then have her show up (cuz i dont want to except the fact that she wont be there)

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