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April 13 2015

The five most ridiculous sex scenes in comic book history. We can file this Buffy Season 8 moment under "oh right, that happened."

Where's my eye bleach?

Cosmic roofie.
Unfortunately, you can't unsee that stuff.
30 years from now when people look back at all the work Joss has done, that may very well win the award for Most Bizarre Thing Ever.
"Bizarre" is a very charitable way of saying it.
True. Funniest way might be Possibly Created While Inebriated. It even rhythms.
It's the Star Wars Holiday Special and Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold" of the Mutant Enemy universe. Those outside of the fandom look at it for laughs. Those inside the fandom are adamant that it never happened thanks to years of suppression and intensive therapy.
The Last Airbender live-action movie. "There is no movie...The Earth King invited you to Lake Loagai."
Dear god that was bad enough the first time around - I didn't need a repeat. Those were some seriously bad drugs in the writers room for that one!

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