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April 15 2015

Agents of SHIELD's ratings go up again. Last night's episode got a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo.

Is it possible that the success of Daredevil is having a positive effect? Or is it more The Avengers: Age of Ultron phenomenon?
It's the Melinda May effect.
My guess is the AoU hype train is starting to pull AoS by its megawatt anticipation coattails. Still don't rule out some kind of direct tie in to the movie by season end - tho' my guess would be it ties in to where things are as prelim to Captain America: Avengers 2.5

Speaking of Daredevil - I wonder if Marvel is tempted to tamper with the Netflix schedule now that Daredevil has been a gonzo hit? Are we really going to have to wait through Jessica Jones, then Luke Cage, then Iron Fist, then Defenders, before we get another dose of Matt & Friends?
TallMichaelJ, the Netflix series order is just that, a series launch order. All the shows can have multiple seasons. They aren't intended to be one shots. There is no reason to not expect a Daredevil S2 in 2016.

Also, these AoS ratings are great. With +3 and +7, Melinda will easily be the highest rated show of the night.
This just made my morning :)
It's a good sign that the ratings went up again even though it was back to having Repeat After Me as a lead-in. Any show that can generate a .6 improvement over its lead-in is doing pretty well.

I just wish that total viewers number wasn't so low. I know that number means almost nothing with respect to renewal, but it's sad to see fewer than 4 million people watching live.
Could someone please point me to the "Happy Dance" area?
Absolutely right IrrationalTV, I guess from my perspective if I was Marvel I'd certainly be willing to look at moving up a "sure thing" like more Daredevil, than the potentially riskier IP like JJ or Iron Fist, although I'd imagine the Marvel/Netflix deal is not beholden to "ratings" and has some assured dollars for Marvel regardless of how successful the remaining characters are

That said, Marvel has been pretty confident in their long game and is probably willing to wait until the next Daredevil solo series cycles around on the calendar

Love to know the metrics of how Netflix gauges success for their original programming and how those numbers impact the financials of the content producers
I still am not sure that you understand that the Netflix shows will run concurrently. Next year there will probably be S2 of Daredevil and S2 of JJ while Luke Cage and Iron Fist are launching their S1s. Then in 2017 there will be S3 of Daredevil and JJ, S2 of Luke Cage and Iron Fist and then the team up of Defenders in maybe 2018. There will be 5 ongoing shows on Netflix at that point. Or at least that was the initial plan as I understood it. All subject to change of course.

Everyone in the biz would like to know Netflix's numbers but they won't share. Nothing. Nada. They don't have to. Ratings mean nothing to them since its a subscriber biz and it makes the playing field pretty uneven. That being said, I bet they pay a lot more for the shows. Just a guess.

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I don't think Netflix's shows will run concurrently - I think they will concentrate first on getting each show off the ground. AKA Jessica Jones is in production now, they've got a showrunner for Luke Cage, but no announcement so far for Iron Fist or Defenders.

Once each show is done, however, they may decide to do Season 2s of each one.

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@Ninjaka I will have to search the archives for a map to the happy dance area. Its been so long it may be a bit hard to find.

The ratings are a very pleasant surprise given the time of the year. I was honestly expecting a tenth drop but hoping it wouldn't. This is much better !
alliterator, I don't mean all released at the exact same date but all the Marvel Netflix shows have always been intended to be ongoing series with multiple seasons just like any other ongoing TV show. The only difference is that Marvel sold them to Netflix as a set of ongoing shows. They are not limited or mini series.
@IrrationalTV, do you have a citation for that?
One last comment and I'll drop the Netflix conversation. Back in January the CCO of Netflix announced the schedule and was specific in saying each show would be set 8-12 months apart ... so JJ no earlier than end of this year or 2016, Luke Cage in 2017, etc. What he didn't mention, and I assume he would if it was an option, is whether they would fold in S2's as they went along. My read was they weren't launching 5 on-going series as much as 4 individual one off's, followed by the Defenders series - similar to how they did the MCU route to Avengers. Sometime after the first 4 have aired - but prior to Defenders they could greenlight S2's for which series performed or which didn't ... they would need to know as they inevitably lead up to an assumed Defenders 2 or somesuch thing

Guess we'll find out soon enough - bottom line is I'm happy to look forward to more AoS, more Daredevil (whenever it happens), and hopefully more Agent Carter
sab39, I can look through trades if I get some time but I read them every day so. I also hear things that others may not. You don't know me, so I can't ask you to trust me on that but my record is pretty good. YMMV. :) Also, a clarification. Defenders is intended to be a one time mini-series team-up thing.

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@IrrationalTV, I've lurked here long enough to get a pretty good sense that you know what you're talking about, so I expected you to be probably right! :)

Just was wondering if there were some press release or something that made it clear straight from the horse's mouth and that I could cite to others.
I did a little digging, and I can't find it explicitly stated. That gives them walking-it-back room if one or all of them are not successful on their mysterious metrics. I probably shouldn't be saying anything at all. Ha!

And Yay! for AoS ratings!
So I just wanted to point out that in about a month we'll know whether there will be a 3rd season and if it is it will be the first time in 14 years that a Whedon show got a 3rd season.
@sab39, I found a citation for you here.

...Sarandos says that fans can expect the same sort of sequel structure when it comes to those shows' second seasons. "They're all eligible to go into multiple seasons for sure, and contemplate that they will," he says.

Thanks, RandomFlake! So far today, you're my hero.

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