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April 15 2015

(SPOILER) How Age of Ultron handles destruction better than Man of Steel. Joss talks with Vulture about the amount of city leveling destruction in comic films and what that means for the heroes in his film.

This makes me happy, the few clips I have seen (mostly the Hulkbuster vs. Hulk sequence), beside the trailers, had me worried for a bit, now i know that was unfounded.
If the movie was Japanese they could be magically transported to Toei's quarry.
Man of Steel bugged me for a while, and I couldn't put my finger on it until I watched it a second time. At that point, I counted on one hand the number of people Superman saves in the film. That was shocking to me considering how we saw Zod beat Superman in 'Superman 2' that film, once Zod realizes how much Superman is trying to protect the humans, Zod starts using them as weapons. Eventually Superman runs away because he figures it's the best way to protect the people of NYC. This is such a BIG moment in that film, the fact that this was completely neglected in Man of Steel is very surprising.

One of my favorite scenes in 'The Avengers' is when Cap is saving a couple dozen people in a bank. It's such a small number of people considering how many more are losing their lives around the city, but it shows how EVERY life is worth saving. Cap really gets the wind taken out of him at the end of the scene, he's giving his all to save this relatively small number of people. Not only is 'The Avengers' tons of fun, but it doesn't take the stakes for granted. I can't wait to see this idea amplified in 'Age of Ultron.'
To add on what SuperScuba said, consider Cap's original plan for the other Avengers: Be out in the open, so Loki et. al. will attack them instead of the people. Have Iron Man turn the aliens back towards them, so they don't spread the damage across the city. When Cap talks to the cop, his concern is that people in the buildings don't run out into the streets. We see Hawkeye and the Black Widow helping people out of the overturned bus. And of course the bank scene, where Hawkeye pulled Cap away from fighting the enemy to rescue the people trapped in the bank.

There were so many bits like that in The Avengers, that I get annoyed when some of the MoS supporters try to equate the destruction in the two films. (And that's not counting the post-fight news montage that, although briefly, acknowledges the toll of a battle like that.)
@OneTev, completely agree. And I too am annoyed when The Avengers is compared to Man of Steel or Transformers where they are all lumped together in some "Special Effects Porn" category. Sure The Avengers has a lot of action, but it earns that action and those stakes more than the other films. I think it's completely unfair to imply that all $200 mil blockbusters have "unnecessary" amounts of action.

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