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April 17 2015

Point/Counterpoint: Does Firefly Still Matter? In which two io9 writers debate the show.

Granted, it was a skim while on mobile, but it seems to be that the con side didn't have very strong points. I didn't see particularly strong points on the pro side either, but he opening statement was strong and if the argument continued in that vein, it would've been stronger. (Helps that I myself can come up with reasons the show can still be considered relevant.)
It matters to the people who enjoy it. I don't think anyone's being forced to watch it at gunpoint, so why is it such a painful issue for some people that the show has followers?

And if it isn't in any way relevant, why does it continue to *gain* fans?
The Point/Counterpoint wasn't about if the show was good or not (both people actually like the show), it was if the show was "relevant" in the present day or not. One side said it was, that it was ahead of it's time; the other said that it wasn't, that it was simply a good TV show that ended.
I may be biased but when I look at the scifi/fantasy genre shows that have finished in the last few years - Alias, Charmed, Smallville, Chuck, Stargate, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Lost etc, it only seems to be Buffy and Firefly that are still regularly discussed in the mainstream media. They captured a certain something.
I turned my brother and his girlfriend on to Firefly while visiting over the summer. At the time she taught college Philosophy -since retired. When she went back for the fall, she reported that she got a lot of "street cred" from her students for knowing about Firefly. I think that says something about its relevance.

The fact that the Royal Shakespeare Company name-checked Firefly as something they want to see brought back says more to me about how relevant it is than anything in that silly debate. Is it a good show or is it good art? Good art stays relevant. I tend to think the RSC knows something about what makes good art.

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