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"Death is your gift."
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April 18 2015

The Guardian profiles Joss Whedon. "I don't want to be done creating new universes."

I'm glad. I eat universes for breakfast.
I didn't like the author trying to force the reader to believe his narrative of Joss' career.

I like that Joss doesn't like telling the same story twice. Every time I hear of a cult classic TV show coming back I think of Dawn using magic to bring her mother back. It is not something we would want to see because death changes things.

I really hope Wastelanders isn't dead.

I would like to see Joss gather all nine cast members of Firefly and do a new movie or tv show that has nothing to do with Firefly.

I wish Darkhorse would put out more Firefly comics.

I wonder if Joss has it in him to create an interlocking universe of his own where he then invites his director friends James Gunn, Edgar Wright, John Cassady etc. to the take sections of the verse and make their own movies.
We totally need a "Sugar Shock" movie. Success if built in!

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