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April 18 2015

James Spader likes having dinner with Joss Whedon. There are a lot of these promo videos out there, but this one ends with a lovely quote: "I really love working with Joss. Joss is a wonderful, wonderful guy. And tremendous to spend an evening having dinner with."

"He needs to date me."
"He needs to call me." This was predestined, I think.
Whedon + Downey was overwhelming but add Spader and it's too great for this child of the '80s.

I ship it - the whole bunch. They like each other - they really do.
I wonder if Joss has talked to Spader about that episode.
Joss' decision to use Spader's voice as Ultron's was brilliant. Perfect for the role!
One recurring thing in a lot of these interviews is that they wanted to do something their children would love them in. It looks like in this case Mr. Spader may have over-achieved.
Oh, damn! It's a video. It's 1 a.m. and dark in my bedroom, and I can't find my earphones so my husband won't take my laptop from me!
"My dad can beat up your dad."

"My dad has a plan to wipe out humanity and the robot army to make it happen."
We all remember what happened the last time Joss had a meal with someone.

Is a series starring Mr. Spader and brain-hatched by Mr. Whedon in the future?
If the feeling is mutual, as I'm sure it is, maybe we'll get to see James work with Joss again in a different type thingy.

We all remember what happened the last time Joss had a meal with someone.

I like to think this is literally true, and Joss has just been eating alone since 2007. Because if he didn't, then his brain would explode from the TV and film collaboration ideas.

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