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April 19 2015

(SPOILER) Die Welt - Age of Ultron ist "Shakespeare plus Casablanca plus ganz viel Proteinpulver". English translations of the glowing review can be found at these Google Translate and Bing Translator links. Update The review is now offline.

The title in English is Age of Ultron is "Shakespeare plus Casablanca with lots of protein powder."

Which is a great article title, because it makes me want to see the movie even more!

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Alright, I'll see it.
I'm clicking on the German version only to avoid spoilers.
"Die Welt" is not really a trustworthy newspaper, but any positive review is a good one. ^^
Calling Wolverine a werewolf is weird..

The movie guy at the FAZ is a big Whedon-fan. His review is gonna be fun. :)
Is this allowed, given the review embargo? Or will it get deleted again for now (not that I can read German).
There is another glowing review at
German papers just don't care about the embargo. I like them.
Allowed, unlikely.
They're probably getting less hassled for being in a language that is harder to read. Or as Simon put it Germans just don't care about embargo.

If this was from a publication in say spanish, I think the same thing that happened with the Irish ones would have happened.

I'm going almost off topic for this point. Back in college (like 15 years ago), I remember some professors assigning things that we have to read that were written in Spanish. Unlike English that is partially mandatory in the admission exam process, you don't have to know Spanish to get into college. There were enough similarities between Portuguese and Spanish, that you could get by, understanding those texts. All of this to mention, that maybe, Disney and Marvel will just kind of ignore those languages that are harder to be understood by general public.

I am testing this theory by checking some Chinese Papers to see if I can find reviews if I find it I'll add another comment.
Hm the Spiegel one is down again. Maybe they forgot about the Embargo? Which ends today or so anyway?
There another press screening in the UK, happening now-ish. But the embargo is lifted in a matter of a day. This April 21st, 10pm GMT, would make that tomorrow evening.
Anyone else notice RottenTomatoes has one English review linked already? It's from a sire called Matt's Movie Reviews and calls the film "as epic as it is profound".

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