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April 20 2015

Scarlett Johansson would do a 'Black Widow' movie if Joss Whedon directs it. He "recently said Black Widow should star in her own film. "From his lips to Marvel's ears, I guess," Johansson said, laughing. "I'll do it if he'll direct it.""

If she does it, and he directs it, I'll watch it.
So will I. That would be cool.

Maybe Joss will direct other Marvel movies that are less involved than Age of Ultron. Captain Marvel? Black Widow (even though it's not a thing, yet)?

On the other hand, I still want to see more of Joss's original work, with original characters. That's what got him where he is in the first place. That's what we all love him for.

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So I'm happy that all the A listers on the Avengers cast have clearly enjoyed working with Joss and will want to work with him again. They have joined the fandom.

But, I'm sad that we are still talking about a Black Widow movie yet not making it. Maybe there are canon reasons but I just want a female superhero movie.

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Nathan Edmondson (writer) and Phil Noto (illustrator) of the current Black Widow comics have been vocal on twitter to create a Black Widow movie. Edmondson even wrote 4/5 pages for a potential script to prove it could be done. Joss even mentioned Edmondson when stating 'I think it is about time for a Black Widow movie'. Ed Brubaker, who wrote and developed Natasha's character within the last 20 years, made a cameo in the Winter Soldier and has also been vocal about a Black Widow movie. Kevin Feige has repeatedly stated that the movie lineups/phases are set in stone when confronted with adding a Black Widow movie. Interestingly, he was able to push back Thor, Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies to fit in Spiderman. Her Earth 616 background has a lot of source material to work with. Fans have been actively campaigning for a Black Widow movie on Twitter and Tumblr for the last few years.
Captain Marvel will be the first female superhero movie (of the modern comic book movie era, hello Supergirl!)

I do hope that Phase 4 includes a Black Widow movie though. Scarlett has proven she can carry a badly written sci fi action flick. She could easily lead a Black Widow movie. What are they afraid of here?
I honestly don't understand how this hasn't happened yet.

Scarlett Johansson is a movie star. She already proved she can not only helm an action movie but helm one outside of the MCU. Lucy was a hit mostly because of her.

About Joss. It would be a good match, but I rather Joss focuses on original stuff for a bit. I want a new universe from him. Netflix, cable, movie trilogy, movie onesy (aka a movie), whatever. And why not have Scarlett Johansson in there? That would be awesome.

Edit: "I want a new universe from him." sounds very obnoxious. XD He should do what he wants and take his time. I'll be there to watch it!

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Wonder Woman will come out before Captain Marvel. Wish I was more excited about that movie though.
Remember how hard Joss had to fight to even get Black Widow into the first Avengers movie. Why is there so much reluctance about female superheroes in movies at this point in time? It's clear the fandom is chomping to see them.
Captain Marvel will be the first female superhero movie (of the modern comic book movie era, hello Supergirl!)

Does Elektra not count?

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It's so hard because we have studio execs playing numbers joust as in $$ game. And this where things get annoyingly commercial.

This might be long, but I have a point, I think....

Was anyone else watching the Age of Ultron red carpet event sponsored by Hasbro a week ago, which included two commercial inserts of Age of Ultron toys. Was I the only one annoyed that they only featured boys in them, and only the male heroes were featured in them.

We went through something similar when Funko announced the 1st wave of Age of Ultron figurines and there was no Black Widow to be found, at first, a lot of talk back then included this topic.

And that's not the 1st instance we see online postings of parents talking about their kids looking for todys related to the heroines, finding nothing or next to nothing.

Unlike a more, let's say traditional movie, in which a movie's profitability can be measured by its box office outcome and home entertainment sales, ever since the original Star Wars, merchandising and brand licencing has become an giant (humongous) industry of its own for a certain niche of movies. Even if a movie from this niche, does just ok box office wise, but does amazing on the licensing products, it might be enough to get said movie a sequel, so they can milk the license.

I don't have actual numbers with me, and I've read an article about this from a few years ago, but from memory it estimated that about 75% of such licences go for Toys, which lead us to toy sales market, where there are other studies that people in that field will point you about how little "toys for girls" (ugh, I hate that expression) sell less, when they're not into the more into the princess design. They'll tell you about how hard it is to create "toys for boys" (hate that expression too) from a movie with a female lead, which means lower toy sales.

Supergirl, Elektra and Halle Berry's Catwoman have set terrible track-records, despite the problem not being on the characters or because they had female leads, but mostly on those being horrible movies. yet, track records were set.

So just finish this weirdly confusing post, every year we have a corporate event organized by Disney for local licensors and interested parties, which allow them to showcase the plans for the immediate following year, some highlights for the next few years:

This was back in July, right before Guardians of the Galaxy premiered. I was there last year and was able to watch a presentation titled: "All about the Licenses: Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm 2014 -2015". During the presentation they went by each license, covering what's to come. There is where I got the first preview for Star Wars Rebels, for example. When they went to the Marvel section, they treated that strictly as a license for boys, in the same was that they treat the Disney Princess line as a license for girls. I was even able to grab a copy of the guidelines, and the Marvel property is never targeted to girls for the Marketing department. It's not something that the toy manufacturers are at fault, when the head company that is allow you to use their license include only recommendations of how to use it for boys, but never for girls.

And all of this probably adds up, even for WB's struggles to get a Wonder Woman out of the gate, and that's a huge license by itself, but we even got a major Green Lantern movie released, before we got to see one starring her.

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