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April 20 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff would star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood. Deadline reports that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producers Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski are developing it.

Most important part of this article is at the very end. Kamala Khan!
I wasn't sure how credible that bit was, given how it was worded.
Deadline is pretty professional, but they could still be wrong.
They could totally be wrong but I'm going to hold on to that rumor with both hands and a big grin and never let it go. :)
It'd be interesting if the spinoff concentrated on more of the "spy stuff" and they let the SHIELD mothership get ever more fanciful with the costumed crazies. I think they'd need to be their own distinct thing, not just SHIELD X 2
The Ms Marvel rumor has been written up in other places - ABC would like to keep working w/ Ridley although they just cancelled his American Crime series. The idea as I read it would be the Ms Marvel piece would be a mini series bridge similar to the role Agent Carter filled this year ... I'm doubtful for a couple reasons, but it certainly would be provocative
A maybe Ms. Marvel show? Oh wow!!!

Can we have both Kamala and Peggy? In fact if we had one or other or both, I wouldn't even need the Mockingbird spin off.
If it turns out Mockingbird is actually an Amazon princess I'll just die. ;P
BTW, never understood the argument that there are too many superhero shows. No one ever says, "too many cop shows/lawyer shows/doctor/ER shows" do they?
I would like more Agent Carter over anything else, to be honest. Not that any of these other concepts sound bad. But I miss Peggy on my tv.
I'm w/ Sunfire - Mockingbird could be good, Ms Marvel is certainly an interesting idea, but if forced to choose I'd pick Agent Carter over all of them ...
Although it's nice that of the options being discussed all center on or star a female character.

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Nick and Nora Charles,
Not sure how I feel about this. I like them both, but feel they gave the show's pacing a very good shot in the arm. Losing their dynamic (and perhaps Mack) would bring down the show IMO. And it would throw of the balance as leaving May the only true field agent as Coulson tends to be the guy overseeing everything and not in direct battle as much, and Skye is occupied with the Inhuman stuff.

Also, I wonder how Ms. Marvel could start this soon. I've read her first two trades and a big part of why she got into heroics was she was inspired by Carol. Carol's movie is a few years away so how would that work?

But anyone here who is not really into the comics side but might give 1 Marvel book a chance, start with hers. It feels like a faithful but modern version of a superhero story that makes it exciting and fresh. It's also worth it for this line alone from her mother: "We moved to this country so are children would grow up safer, but that was before I knew about the school shootings, date rape drugs and giant robot attacks!"
Nick and Nora Charles

More like the Bickersons I suspect. :)
Cool rumors in both fronts.

If they got ahead with it, wonder if they might do a midseason thing instead of a fall launch.

Really hope Agent Carter is still in play, were the numbers really that below what was expected. It was getting almost the same numbers as AoS wasn't it, or due female lead, ABC might have expected something more in line with the rest of their more women skewing programing.

Kamala's corner, is interesting, considering they're mostly playing with the Inhumans from the TV side first. Unless that's a plot point in Age of Ultron, that something that the movies have yet to tackle, with a movie titled Inhumans down in the slate.
I really like both characters, but I'm not sure I'd like them together on a regular basis. Constant bickering would get kind of annoying.
They wouldn't be the only, nor first, couple on tv with the whole "will they or wont they" thing with a lean more towards bickering.
I haven't seen that much of them but the two couples on Bones and Castle are built upon a relationship of bickering. And perhaps the most famous of them would probably be Sam and Diane all the way back with Cheers.

As interesting as the show might end up being I don't really feel like its needed. It might just end up feeling like SHIELD season 1 Redux. And while I think the characters a decent, it took me a long time to actually like them, and even now they don't exactly excite me. It might just end up being the first Marvel show I have no desire to watch.

I do wish they bring back Agent Carter though. While I understand it wasn't as big in the ratings as people were expecting it was a really good show with a great deal of praise behind it. It wouldn't be the first show to chug along on praise rather than ratings.
I want more Agent Carter, too. I love that show so much. Hope we get to keep that as the midseason miniseries, and something different happens with the other.

But a Mockingbird show has potential, I think--especially if they take it in kind of an Alias/Chuck direction (adventures and superspy hijinks!).
Add me to the more Agent Carter bandwagon, although I'm not inclined to hold my breath (given Marvel's dogged predilection for political correctness in all things...)
Feels like maybe they're spreading SHIELD too thin. AOS has not had the most stellar ratings, and Agent Carter, which I loved every millisecond of, had even weaker ratings. Keeping an open mind about it, though. We (who avoid spoilers) have no idea where AOS is headed, or how AOU will impact on everything, so there may be a plan in place to wow us.
Can people quit focusing on ratings? They are no longer meaningful. Unless you know all the other revenue streams you have no idea how a particular show is doing. Agent Carter suffers from only having 8 eps and not being sold widely internationally like AoS was. Marvel and ABC won't make that mistake again.
Don't people absolutely complain about there being too many cop/doctor/"genius misanthropes who can solve mysteries because of the very thing that makes them difficult" shows?

I'm also a little fuzzy on why Marvel being "politically correct" would somehow be make another season of Agent Carter less likely.

I kind of would prefer that they bring back both existing agent shows and just keep Palicki and Blood around while taking the opportunity to spin-off other prospects they haven't used yet.
A Kamala Khan series? Yes please. I was saying the other day. Series wth ethnic minority leads are doing well at the moment. It would give the teen girl demographic someone to identify with, someone who is a major superhero fangirl herself (watch the Tumblr posts explode), it would help build the idea of Inhumans in the Marvel universe ahead of the Inhumans movie, and it would help build anticipation for Captain Marvel.
I'm not sure what the connection between the TV Kamala and Captain Marvel would be: In the comic she named herself after her, in the films/TV, Carol Danvers is not an already established character. "Ms Marvel" could be a title for the series that never gets mentioned in the series, except as an occasional joke like "Doctor Who".
I just don't want to lose them from SHIELD. I like the cast that SHIELD has now.
I like Mockingbird and Lance, but I don't see the two of them working as a spin-off. Not in the least because the two shows would probably be very similar and that would be a waste given how many great Marvel characters are still unexplored. I'd prefer to keep them on the AOS. Give us more Agent Carter instead.
Those last few words, about Ms. Marvel... In the comic, Kamala takes the name Ms. Marvel in tribute to Carol Danvers (who has changed her title to Captain). If the rumor is true, which I very much hope it is because it would make a fantastic series, I wonder how they'll get around that. I guess they could just have her make it up and then have Carol make up almost the same name.
As for Mockingbird being too similar to Agents of SHIELD... Do we really know that? We haven't seen a frame of it. They might go for more of a superhero angle.
But Angel and Cordelia need to be regulars in Buffy Season 4.
About Ms. Marvel and the timing with Captain Marvel.

This is just the first rumor of a Kamala show. It might take longer to become a reality than we're thinking. By the time it sees the light of day, the Captain Marvel movie might be out. Wouldn't it be cool if the movie came out, then the show started a month later? Kamala would probably have the photo from the movie poster on her wall.

Don't forget, there was a thought of putting Carol Danvers in Avengers 2. Joss said they considered it, but couldn't give her enough screen time to do the character justice.
My thought is that Marvel wants to do away with origin stories. So I'm betting Captain Marvel is established already. It would be a bit awkward for her or an image of her to never be onscreen, though. So if they have an actress picked out, they'll have to introduce her on the small screen if the show is next year.
I'd like to see a Mockingbird spinoff, but Hunter stay on AoS.
Eek, I really need Kamala Khan in the movies.

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I like the idea of Kamala Khan but I don't know if Bobbi and Hunter would really hold my interest together. They add a nice twist to the team as they are but honestly I'm not sure they can hold a show. (Maybe Bobbi solo would work, see how she clicks on her own. I'd love to see the BAMFGirlsClub show where Bobbi, Nat, May, Agent 13 etc train and hang out).

Maggie on the other hand? Give her all the shows. Oh to have Agent Carter and Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) lead a show...

It's not a crime to dream.

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But Angel and Cordelia need to be regulars in Buffy Season 4.

HA, you nailed it, Simon.

I like the energy Bobbi and Lance brought to Shield, but I've also noticed it's at the expense of screen time for the other characters. In fact, one would argue that there are way too many characters on AoS right now, so a spinoff just gives all the characters more breathing room. That said, I'm sure they'd dev up a concept that allows the spinoff to have its own... er, spin... so I'd just wait and see.
Sorry I offended you, IrrationaliTV. I will never mention ratings again. We'll see how it all plays out. Maybe it will be great.

A lot will ride on how good the concept will be, and how well the showrunner(s) and writers work.

I still want to see Agent Carter return.
Ha! Not offended in the least, just frustrated reading fans put any kind of weight on metrics the industry doesn't really use that much anymore except for live shows and sports.

I'm continuing to hope that we get all the shows. I'm greedy like that.
What ? EVERYBODY knows that L+SD ratings are absolutely meaningful and reliable for any major network scripted show above a 2.5 or
below a 0.5 in the demo ! So what if they are so obvious that an 8 year old would come to the same conclusion. Ratingz Roolz ! :) We now
return you to your previous plane of reality.
I doubt the Ms. Marvel show is going to come to fruition anytime soon. Jamie McKelvie, the artist for Captain Marvel, has even pointed out what others have as well, that you need Captain Marvel to be established on screen and do something inspirational before you can even think about introducing Kamala Khan. And I'd loathe to change Kamala's origins because they're all about girl power and finding strength in yourself.

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