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April 20 2015

Joss Whedon's astonishing, spine-tingling, soul-crushing Marvel adventure! Buzzfeed has put online an incredibly good profile of Joss and his time with Marvel.

This was really great! It's clear that the writer had a lot of access to talk with Joss throughout the creation of Age of Ultron, and the piece benefits from it.
Just the insight into the tumult, pain, and ultimate satisfaction of his creative process was fascinating.
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"... thatís probably the number one reason why this stuff works so well, because he takes superhuman people, and he just lets them be super human."

Nice quote from Ruffalo.
That's a really good read about the process of making a blockbuster. Was interesting to note he HAD originally hoped to be more involved in AoS before the killer robots took over his life. Also seems that whatever he does next will be completely new as previously mentioned projects seem to have lost some of their initial allure. Glad he enjoyed his Marvel run - certainly was a life altering / career altering experience
I do like that photo from the South Korean promotional event.
(Maybe they can cast Joss as Phillip Masters for the Fantastic Four sequel.)
"I have genre ADD."

Love that quote.
It's a great article ellievhall!
Definitely a great article. When Joss talked about realizing he could/should have done his last two shows on cable, not network TV, I found myself vigorously agreeing with him.

Please, please make your next show on a cable network! Netflix, not Fox!
"Whedon said with absolute seriousness, 'Nothing has ever made me angrier than the Gwen Stacy slept with Norman Osborn and had genetically enhanced twins'[storyline]."

You and me both Joss! LOL! Now I love the guy even more..
Wow, what a great read.

The part about Wright's Ant Man script made me sad, though. Hard not to feel like Marvel is really missing out on something great.

Also: All Hail the Weird Primal Miasma.
Can we add "I totes failed to make it smaller" to the quotes at the top?

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