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April 21 2015

Joss Whedon gives updates on some of his projects. Buzzfeed asked him what's happening with Dr. Horrible 2, Goners, Wastelanders etc.

Poor Mia. It's not her fault she has a team.
Goners! We now know more about Goners!
Mia falls in with a team! But how do the Dobermans fit in? *puzzled* ;-)
Of those projects, Goners has always held the most interest...
It sounds a lot like Joss is burned out. I think he may need time not to do anything, so he can live life and play with his family for a while. At some point, he'll realize he's bored by not doing anything. Then he'll come up with something he can't live without doing, and we'll be bowled over!

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Something that comes out of left field probably.
It strikes me that, if you're an unknown writer puttering around, you also have many projects on hold or that have fallen by the wayside, but nobody asks about them. I wonder if it's tiring to be asked over and over again, "So, Dr. Horrible 2?"
Has anyone read any of Warren Ellis' recent comics output? "Supreme Blue Rose", "Trees", "Black Cross" or "Moonknight"? Anyone anticipating his newest comic series from Image "Injection"?

I really would like to see "Wastelanders" come to fruition but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen because it seems like Joss is past it and looking forward to the blank page.
I definitely hope that he takes his vacation to Italy with his family. My hope is maybe DH2 someday but really anything is good.

He also did write himself into Con Man.
I get the feeling that for Con Man, if they write a part for Joss to be the guy in charge of the business, they will end up casting Mark Sheppard for the role (just to blur the Firefly fiction-reality line a little more).
Or they write a piece for Mark Sheppard and Joss plays the character.
Or they write a piece for Mark Sheppard and Joss plays the character.

Nebula, I agree Joss sounds exhausted. My god, who wouldn't be?! WHAT a ride this has been. I'm thinking Italy plus another small Shakespeare movie, but who am I to be prescribing for the man? He's the opposite of stupid and seems to have a kick-ass wife who'll help him figure out how to get some rest without feeling adrift.

Big Giant Me EP - Yes, it's coming soon!
Dr. Horrible 2 - He's not feeling it.
Wastelanders - Nope. Sorry Ellis.
Con Man - He wants in, so he'll get in.
Goners - Maybe? Pretty please?

But the man needs to sleep first.
It sounds a little more to me like when he thinks about DHSAB2 that he doesn't think anyone else still wants to do it and is surprised when they express interest (such as NPH in the example).

And the idea of him playing the guy that killed the show too soon strikes me as really funny. And I think a touch cathartic for a LOT of people.
Fillion has always said he'd do anything with Joss. If Joss asks those three main characters to come do it, I think they'd be at his door the next day.
Damn, I was really hoping for Wastelanders. I hope Whedon and Ellis collaborate on something.

Maybe Joss can showrun an HBO adaptation of Transmetropolitan. ::Homer Simpson drooling noise::

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