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April 21 2015

'Leaked' Spider-Man post-credits Age of Ultron scene is fake says Joss Whedon. "Speaking at the Avengers: Age of Ultron press conference in London, Whedon said: "Yeah that's not real. I don't know where that started. I don't know who came up with it."

People will probably keep running with this until May 1st. With un-informed people complaining it wasn't there when it doesn't happen.
It does look fake; the CGI is a giveaway. I'll probably still be sticking 'til the end even though Joss insisted there's no post-credits scene.
Of course I'll stay for the end of the credits, regardless. I do for every movie. Doesn't everyone? (The empty theatres we exit when the house lights come up actually answers that question for me.)
I'm with you, Revmod. I've been staying until the end of the reel my entire life, since long before stingers were really much of a thing.
Stay for every movie, even the ones that I don't enjoy, sometimes because I feel the need to figure out who the heck worked on it.
By all means sit through the credits. There's no post-credits scene, but there IS a mid-credits scene.
I'm with Revmod et al. - I always stay, because I feel that the people who did the hard work deserve my attention.

I wouldn't MIND a post-credits scene, but I don't have to have one.
Joss just stayed for the full credits in London. Maybe he was checking the Spidey thing?!
Planning to stay full credits tomorrow, wonder how many people might do so but expecting fake scene to appear.
Putting in a post-credits scene at this point would make people very, very angry.
I'm so sad this is fake. This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping we'd see mid/post credits.
Why would it make people angry to put in a post-credits scene now? You can insist there isn't one, but I bet most people will stay anyway. I would have thought that the studio would keep it out until the very last minute, so it didn't leak before the movie arrived at theaters.

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