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April 21 2015

(SPOILER) Empire Magazine gives Age of Ultron four stars out of five. The embargo is lifted and there's loads of reviews to be had. Variety called the movie "a super-sized sequel with surprising amounts of soul". The Guardian loved it and said Joss' "script is a thing of wonder". The Telegraph says Age of Ultron is "a pop culture sugar-rush". ScreenCrush went with "it reclaims the comic book part of the phrase "comic-book movie"." SFX also loved it and said it's "the first genuinely frightening entry in the franchise".

If anyone has come across some interesting reviews, please do link to them in the comments.

"A thing of wonder"? I like that. That bodes well. That sounds like it's not rote.
My friend just bought tickets for the "midnight" (really 7PM) Thursday showing for April 30th, and I'm getting excited!

I love that the reviews are saying it's darker, more complex and emotionally stirring than the first movie... I also like how the reviews make note of Joss's growing visual confidence in directing.

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Devin @ Badassdigest's take:

Drew @ Hitfix's review
Those are some nice reviews. Here we go folks, thus starts the ride.....
Oh, my. I could really get used to this sort of yearly love-fest for his Purpleness. And then to get a wonderful movie to boot? Not to mention all the hilarious and insightful interviews. It's a great time to be a Whedon fan.
I am getting too giddy in this last few hours of countdown, so I can get into the Imax screen seat and enjoy the movie, don't even care, that I still to go through a whole day of work tomorrow.
By this time tomorrow, I will probably be lining up for the popcorn line, don't even have to worry about the seat, since we got numbered seats in our tickets.
I just saw it. Am I allowed to talk about it here?
What do you rate it Gossi?

I guess the mods will make a 'Seen It' thread tomorrow?
Thank goodness. I noticed the embargo was over when I spotted and skimmed the Hollywood Reporter's review, which seemed somewhat negative. So I'm glad to hear that's not the consensus..
Maybe there should be a separate "seen it" thread, more in line with our weekly AoS threads, so the discussion can run more freely.
It's great. Joss was there and stayed for full screening, I think first time he's done that. I'll hold off thoughts until we're good to go.

Also, you can see it without spoiling SHIELD in any way, if you're behind or in UK.
It's a great time to be a Whedon fan.

Okay, hands up who else has a mind that immediately added "Next up, Who's gay?"
This number will likely change as more reviews come in, but currently it's sitting at a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes with 30 reviews included. For comparison, the first ended up with 92% at around 300 reviews included.
Reading the highlights on Rotten Tomatoes has been amusing, especially for the few negative reviews that appeared so far.

Also, you can see it without spoiling SHIELD in any way, if you're behind or in UK.

That sounds close to no link at all.
It seems the recurring negative thread, even in the positive reviews, is the perceived cumbersome need to set pieces in place for Phase 3. Honestly I don't mind those moments - part of the enjoyment of these MCU movies has been the "It's All Connected" vibe that radiates from them, but I can see if you don't buy into that as having intrinsic value it can seem annoying or distracting
JDL, it stands alone. Although I suspect SHIELD ties in to and out of the movie.
It would be nice not to reveal spoilers in this thread. I'm not even reading the reviews, because I do not want to be spoiled. I'm just glad that the reviews are positive - not that we didn't know they would be.
All points that overall the reaction might be a little bit more mixed this time, with people who loved it, really loving it, but people with a more negative impression, finding more things to nitpick on.
Yeah, I think the reviews will overall still come in very well, but less well than before. Ultimately the first Avengers was very very fun, but had not much to say. This film has things to say, so spends a little time not being quite as fun, but in my opinion it makes for a better yarn and serves the characters better. Ultron himself is pure Joss. By the way, although arguably a little more serious it's one of the funniest things Joss has written in years.

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My least favorite part of Winter Soldier was when Sitwell referred to Dr Strange. As long as the suggestions of future things in this movie are more tactful than that, then I doubt I'll have any big complaints.
Having not seen it, what I'm wondering is whether people are trying to capture the magic of seeing the first one and whether that's misguided. We can't go back to seeing Avengers for the first time. We can only move forward and see how this series can challenge us and change the way we watch and appreciate comic book movies.

Devin Faraci's take is the most reasoned, of the reviews I've read. Is it better then Avengers? "Sort of." Perhaps it's not nearly as exciting in that giddy, edge of your seat kind of way, but it could be a more challenging, complex and emotional movie, and I'll trade a few spectacle points for some emotional complexity ones.

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I've just seen it, no spoilers but it definitely has an epic feel. There was a couple of spots I didn't enjoy as much but there were others which more than made up for them.

Seeing it again tomorrow.
Having slept on it, I actually hope the reviews, uh, review the movie. It's a better constructed film than the first, it's tighter, there's more (and better) character work and the teams skill sets gel together better. Need to see it again though as I think I missed a lot, as the girlfriend caught jokes I missed.
As much as I understand the criticism that it gets I don't understand why a lot of critics are tearing the story down.

I personally tought the story was much better constructed than the first one, maybe not as much fun, but for me, a way better movie overall.
It is funny how critics mostly complain at the same time about how it goes against and for superhero movie tropes, with people in both fronts.

Personally, that among ybe strongest things in the movie.

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