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April 21 2015

Doug Petrie joins Daredevil's second season as showrunner. He'll co-run the Netflix show with Marco Ramirez, while Steven DeKnight steps down.

That was fast . :)
He and Steve DeKnight wrote the best episodes, so not a bad passing of the torch. This is also a confirmation of Season 2.
Damn it. Oh well. At least its still a Whedon alum running it. 3 show runners in 2 seasons.
Too bad about Steve leaving, but it seems to be in good hands.
Steven had other projects at hand before getting called to do this, hopefully he can get them developed now.

Hopefully we still get the other writers to stick around.
Season 2! And it's in good hands, although I'm disappointed that DeKnight has stepped down, because he is one of my fav showrunners since Spartacus.

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Oh interesting. I hadnt even considered the idea of a second season for Daredevil, I just assumed the five Marvel series on Netflix were one complete package.

Good to see Doug Petrie taking the reigns too, hes always been a favourite of mine.
I'm glad that Netflix isn't shy that they are bringing the show back (although it's gotten some amazing feedback from audiences and critics alike so it's not that big of a surprise) but wouldn't a second season still be a couple of years away? They still have 3 solo seasons coming and the Defenders. Assuming they release 2 a year you're looking at least late 2017 for a second season. That is a pretty big gap between seasons, especially for American audiences who are very very use to getting seasons every year.
EW claims season 2 will come in 2016.
So happy there's going to be a season 2!!


So, I'm sure it'll be fantastic however they go with it, but if it were me, S2 will be all about Stick and The Chaste, and The Hand and Elektra, with Kingpin taking a background role, what with him being in jail, but he sends Bullseye to hunt down Daredevil as a recurring side threat, and the season culminates with Elektra getting killed.

S3 would then be Kingpin's return, out of jail, rebuilding his empire, and he's learned who DD really is, and he shatters his life one piece at a time, as he did in the comics, but with the help of Foggy and Karen, he rebuilds and manages take down Fisk again and emerge victorious and in a better place in his life.

And God-willing, S4 would be some take on the Guardian Devil story arc, with someone driving DD to madness, Karen getting killed, the reestablishment of Nelson and Murdock, and perhaps the introduction of Echo and the blinding of Kingpin.

Aaaannd I'm rambling on and on with speculation. Whatever, I'm just overjoyed we're getting more Daredevil!!
Cool, Doug Petrie was a great writer for Buffy, and I don't think he had the chance to be showrunner before, I think he could be very good at it. And that means Steven DeKnight can now create another awesome show like Spartacus. Seriously, my mind is still blown from that show, and the finale, I want another DeKnight show of the same caliber.
Fantastic on the renewal, and yes, Petrie is a fine guy to pass the torch to.
Good news - not too surprised that DeKnight stepped down, if I recall I saw an interview where he noted he was really pulled in last minute when Drew departed, and I'm assuming he's getting back to whatever he left on the front burner

I have to believe the Elektra storyline comes next, although they could also follow the Karen Page arc - either way they've got plenty of angst to play with .... looking forward to see how Petrie can put his stamp on it
Season wise, if Netflix pick up second seasons of the Marvel shows they will be next year. You can only keep actors under lock and key for so long.
The second season is out in 2016, Marvel posted a photo on Twitter that said so.
Doug Petrie didn't join Daredevil as showrunner. He was a writer and producer during the first season and was upped to showrunner along with Marco Ramirez.

Details, I know. But still.
I think it is indicative of the competence of all involved and the level of care and attention they took in making the series that it was quite so good given what for many other shows would have been bandied about as a picnic level "troubled production history".

There are a clearly a whole crew of passionate, dedicated people involved in this production and I am eagerly (rabidly?) awaiting both the rest of the Defenders individual series and now this new sequel.

I'm happy there's apparently a little Marvel film coming our way in the meantime.
One of the things that I loved the most about seeing the opening credits was the names of all these fantastic writers, people who know about and care about the character. I know Quesada's name appears on everything because he's a Marvel exec, but he's drawn and written Daredevil extensively, so in a way, this is a passion project. I'm hoping they do the same for the other shows.
Batman, we want very different things from this show (aside from the Chaste and the Hand, because Yes, please!)

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