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April 22 2015

Joss Whedon weighs in on the idea of a Buffy reunion movie. He tells "I'd never rule anything out, but I've no plans at this point." And that's all he said on the matter.

Let. Stuff. End. PLEASE.
At this point, it would be a bad idea.
Hey, remember when the Kuzuis tried to reboot Buffy, what happened to that...

(And the wonders of the written word is that you can read the sentence above in whatever tone you'd like, with irony, sense of wonder, serious curiosity....)
Let. Stuff. End. PLEASE.

Why? It's a perfectly legitimate question. joss is a franchise universe builder with a penchant for picking things back up when the spirit calls him. Besides, what harm can a measly little question do?
I thought SMG had made it politely clear she wouldn't be interested very recently. JM has also commented on having aged too much now too. Obviously that could be brought into the plot but it would dictate things somewhat.
A Joss-led Buffy reunion would be much different than a Kuzui-led one.

But the chances of it ever happening are 0.00%

And, as I always say, when a culture gets stuck in endlessly re-hashing the past instead of moving on to new things, it's finished.
Well it all comes back to this: is there a compelling story to tell? It's like Joss recently said about "Goners":
" A lot of my stories that Iíve told, Iím like, Iím past that stage of storytelling, or I got it out of my system, and itís hard to work up the energy to go back. Every now and then with Goners, Iím like, thereís something about this that hasnít been expressed yet."

If there was something like that involving Buffy, where there was something new to express, I'd be all for it Ė but yes, by and large it seems that time has passed.
I thought SMG had made it politely clear she wouldn't be interested very recently.

There's a difference between responding to an off-the-cuff interview question and a serious project. If Joss set something in motion I'm sure SMG would consider it.
The whole thing would have to start with Joss. Considering all his success, it's not something he needs to do, so if he did decide to do something it would be because there's a story he really wants to tell, and I trust the end result would be fantastic.
And, as I always say, when a culture gets stuck in endlessly re-hashing the past instead of moving on to new things, it's finished.

To quote Goethe,

Alles Gescheite ist schon gedacht worden. Man muss nur versuchen, es noch einmal zu denken.

Or: All that is original (literally "clever") has already been done. The only thing left to do is to take those same "clever" things and attempt to perceive them over again.

Cultures don't die because of a lack of originality. They die because of inactivity (not enough re-hashing going on to sustain a steady stream of successful attempts to perceive life's finite truths) leading to a state of ignorance - a key symptom of which is the cult of new-ness that you see crop up periodically.
Even if "there's a story he really wants to tell," will the audience be willing to give it a chance? I remember when Season Eight was announced, that even though it would be the official, canon tale of what happened with Buffy, Xander, Willow, etc., next, that more than a few members of the fandom immediately dismissed it as rubbish, either because they didn't respect the medium Joss chose to tell it in (comics) or because the story he wanted to tell wasn't the story fans *wanted* him to tell. And that started long before the first issue of Season Eight was even previewed, let alone for sale. We're now in Season Ten, how many real-time years later, and after seeing the story that Joss either wanted to tell or has authorized others to tell, I've seen more "Joss has lost his f'ing mind" than "Joss still has it, even if it might have some problems."
I think a Buffy reunion movie would be fucking EPIC. Just think of the stories for each Scooby Joss would get to tell. All the time that has passed... it would be amazing.

And he's said before if the Buffyverse continues live (with him in charge), the books aren't canon (in the live format). So we don't have to worry about that.

Why wouldn't any one of us not want to see THAT?
I don't know about a movie, but I think a mini series could be awesome, if it really embraces the fact that the characters got older. What does it mean for Buffy to be a slayer in her forties? how is Dawn as an adult? What kind of witch did Willow become? Did Xander find someone to love?

Of course, Angel and Spike couldn't be a part of it, there is just no way to hide the fact that they look 15 years older.

It's still a big risk, as both Buffy and Angel had wonderful endings. But it could be wonderful if the story is good, and if it says something new about these characters that we love so much. And I feel a mini-series, like they're doing for The X-Files would be the right way to do it. I feel like it would be a chance to do something more intimate, more true to the show.

A movie would be better if Joss wanted to tell a true epic story about the slayer, and this whole universe, but it would be a much bigger challenge.

I still feel what would work best is the Ripper series, or a Fray movie, or any kind of spin off set in the Buffyverse.

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