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March 30 2004

Slashdot readers discuss the 18-34 male viewers demographic. The Nielsens are showing an unexpected drop in viewers from this demographic.

The discussion is based on a NY Times article here (free registration required).

Fox disputes the falling figues here.

It seems unfair for Fox to dispute the Nielsens when fans trying to keep their favourite shows on the air are told to take them at face value.

You should put the FOX comment in the headline as well. Since FOX ownes a lot of Whedonesque shows and others closely related to the verse via actors or producers.

Why didn't they do this last year maybe Firefly would have had a chance.
I changed that headline a bit so it makes sense to RSS readers.
As one of the viewers in question, I'll tell you exactly what the problem is: Not enough (censored).
The Neilsens will be moot in a few months, I dont think this report means too much.
The Nielsens will not be moot until the networks and affilates revolt against it but that will take years and this is just the beginning.
Well, this 22 year-old male has found and stuck with more new shows on HBO than any other network or pay-cable station in the last few years, so...Yeah, the key is quality writing & acting, the network having some faith in its programs and sticking with them for at least a full season or two before they can earn a following, and sure, lack of censorship helps(not 'cause I need swearing, nudity, excessive violence, and mature subject matter to enjoy a good show, but it's nice to know they're allowed if the series in question requires any of that for some realism/plot purposes, or for--when effective and done in moderation--shock value, sure).

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