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April 22 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #14. Buffy explores Spike's mind in the first part of the "Relationship Status: Complicated" arc.

As a Spike-focused fan, I was disappointed to not get insights into his character tbh. It felt like such a lost opportunity. Buffy showed affection and also still kept herself guarded. The power imbalance in their relationship remaining firm as she brushed past her slip that she loves him to then pretty callously imo conclude she'll get back to him about how she feels about it all when she's had processing time.

It felt a touch of a rerun of The First with a different hand control in play to overrule the soul, just with the inner demon's drives/desires probably the thing Archaeus pushed. It certainly feels like change is brewing with these issues being equal and relevant to both souled vamps and linking back to their demon origins. But it feels like this should be more about how Spike/Angel feel than Buffy. Perhaps her self-focus others have noted even more than the times it has bugged me will become a plot point.
Glad they explained Giles' ridiculously developed powers on-panel. How does Archaeus square with Maloker exactly?
I loved the idea of Archaeus and the whole bloodline thingy. The squiggly straws were awesome too.
I think that Archaeus can influence Spike/Angel/Drusilla only since Willow created the new Seed of Magic, so some new rules will need to be specified in book
I got my copy of Buffy # 14,"Relationship Status:Complicated" Part I this weekend.

This past week has been pretty hellish for me so I will keep this pretty short.Didn't really care for the issue.There were little moments in the issue I like such as the Xander and Dawn Star Wars/head slap bit.

I think the stuff with Archaeus could be interesting but I know this is playing havoc with the mythology.Will see where this goes in the next issue and the following arc.

My feelings on the Buffy/Spike stuff are already known so this aspect of the season and issue I'm just not going to enjoy.I'm glad for the people who are right now but again,not my cup of tea.

The trip through Spike's mind was boring to me.The spuffy aspects aside,I was hoping to see more of Spike's backstory.Some newer stuff.

So those are my brief thoughts.

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