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April 22 2015

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo and came top in its timeslot.

We know it is fine. The much more interesting question to me is if this spin-off goes forward where (and perhaps when) will ABC schedule it?

I see 3 possibilities:

1. Midseason filling the gap in place of Agent Carter. I doubt this as I want more Carter, but don't think they would shift Bobbi and Lance from the first show if it was just for 8 episodes or so.

2. A full season on a different night then SHIELD. Unlikely as this is what killed the OUAT Wonderland show and ABC regretted that. Plus ABC has a fairly stable lineup outside of Tuesday and Sunday. No way they put it on Sunday to be intruppted by award shows and sports all the time, as well as likely lose significant people already drawn to GoT and/or TWD.

3. A full season on the same night as SHIELD. Sort of what The CW initially did with Arrow/Flash. I think this is most likely. Tuesdays at 10 PM is a weak spot in the lineup so something from an established brand would work here and make the most sense for crossovers. They had to have noticed how well The CW crossovers seem to be doing and it would be easy to make "it all connected" as Marvel is known for.

Anyone else have an guesses?
I don't think the 8-10 ep order of anything is a possibility. That bit them in the ass with International sales on Agent Carter and is one of the main reasons the show is on the bubble. Thursday night belongs to Shondaland and female driven soaps. It would be ridiculous to mess with that formula. Monday is off limits with reality competition nonsense and Castle. Wednesday is comedy night where ABC gets the best ratings of the week and Nashville at 10 has already been renewed. Sunday belongs to the Disney fairytale stuff and non-Shonda soaps. Saturday isn't programmed and we better all hope nothing from Marvel ends up on Friday.

Tuesday is really the only choice. AoS will probably be the only show from Tuesday coming back next season. I think they will move Fresh off the Boat to Wednesdays. I can see 2 Marvel shows on Tuesday night no problem and then the other slot (8 or 10) is where they can launch new shows.
Doubt it would be Friday anyway. 10 PM is always 20/20 and Shark Tank does well for them there and it's also getting a spin-off.

How did being only 8 episodes hurt Carter internationally? Aren't some other countries used to shorter runs like that?

With roughly 3 solid night and parts of the others being stable it'll be interesting to see how many pilots ABC picks up. ABC can't be eager to risk making many new shows only for them to die in weak spots on the schedule.
Say in the UK, they sometimes spend money to fill lots of air space (e.g. 22 slots) on US shows, as sometimes they can get deals which works out cheaper than producing original content. (Plus you can get more of it, to fill more air time, for less cost). Agent Carter really struggled with international sales as Marvel likely wanted a premium for it, and it was only a small number of episodes.
I think this show should replace The Bachelor.

Then again, I think a test pattern should replace The Bachelor.

Seriously, it would make the most sense to put them both on the same night and get some synergy. I'd prefer to see them in a 9-to-11 bloc, though. It's a pain in the butt for me to watch 8:00 shows. I'm usually not even back from dinner by then.
I agree with AndrewCrossett, plus, if The Flash remains on Tuesday night at 8, even with DVRs, that would siphon off potential viewers. I really hate when networks pit shows that would have most of the same viewers against each other, especially when three networks do it, and DVRs only record 2, and won't let you view a third channel at the same time.
In Canada, the ratings continue really strong, at least prior to NHL playoff hockey.

For the week of March 30- April 5 it was the No. 4 show overall:


Basically the ratings now are as strong in Canada as they were for the very first episode.
They do that for a reason, they want you not to watch the other shows :D

In UK it appears in Channel 4's most watched shows list for ratings, about 1.2m viewers per episode. It's about half off where the show first started here, however that's still a great number for Channel 4 (and up from where Season 2 returned at - the numbers are growing here).

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Oh. Higher price for few episodes? Yeah that would hurt it.

Canada just follows to US schedule and forcibly switches us to Canadian ads even if we are on the US feed. If I stuck only to feeds from Canada I would have to switch within two or three channels of each other to follow the US timing, even if both shows are imports from ABC. So if I wanted too I could watch nothing but US news channels all day like all 20 hours of The Today Show but still see Canadian ads.

Starting 2017 Canadian providers are going to be banned from blocking out Superbowl ads and the providers may go to court over that.

Streaming is a pain up here. In theory you would need two different TV providers to have access to both Transparent and Bosch as Amazon doesn't stream up here and sold them to different Canadian companies.

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I'm with Dusk. I really am surprised that Carter did not do well internationally because of the length.
Most international networks want to buy a minimum of 13 episodes of a US show. I don't know why but that is how it is. It's not a new phenomena. A second short season of AC may help it get an initial sale in all the countries that bought AoS but didn't buy AC. The shortened seasons that some other countries run tend to be their own home grown product, not American shows. I'm sure someone will point out exceptions but trust me, it's a lament I've heard many times from the sellers of US shows.

The 13th (lower budget) episode of Dollhouse S1 was created expressly for International sales. Almost didn't run in the US.

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Final ratings is adjusted up to 1.6/5
I don't think 1x13 of Dollhouse aired on FOX, IrrationaliTV.
I thought it did, eventually. Hmmm.

Oh! You're right. It never did air on FOX. It was on the US DVD (after much wrangling). But please, let's not talk about the Dollhouse S1 DVD. I have enough stress in my life already. :)
I honestly couldn't even remember if it aired here or not. The whole thing is weird to look back on since people often cite it as the best episode in that season.

Is there any chance a second 8 episode run makes Agent Carter more appealing for international broadcast?
Yes, Sunfire. I think Simon linked a Guardian (?) article a while back on twitter that made that case.
Well all right then. We need 13 new Carters next year ! Further if you want add another 5 set to make S1 more salable
no one here is going to object I would be willing to bet. But if you get right down to it I'll take what I can get.

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I'm going to be a Nielsen Family next month. So I and the 8,600 Americans I represent will be watching AoS that week. I hope I get the week of the finale. (They told me which week on the phone, but I can't remember.)
@AndrewCrossett With great power come know what ! Watch a lot next week and invite lots of 18-49's over for the festivities.

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