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April 22 2015

Age of Ultron tipped to make a fair bit of money this weekend. According to Deadline, "prognosticators are suggesting a wide range on the international opening, from a conservative $160M on the low end to $200M-plus at the higher end". Though the German box-office performance looks to be lower than expected due to the boycott by smaller cinemas.

And it is worth every penny. The movie was AMAZING!
I'd hope Joss is set to make a fair amount of money this weekend. Given the success of the first movie, I'd hope his agent negotiated some number of "points" on the gross worldwide
Maybe he can afford a really nice meal, with Truffles and stuff.
I hope and believe this film will make money, but I want it to make even more money than the last just to further validate Joss. To that effect, I'm obsessed with the middling and negative reviews, mostly because I don't want there to be ANY. Even if I'm an actual comic book fan and have been so for decades, I'm not actually a fan of any of these characters, but I'm definitely a Whedon acolyte and I just want Joss to win. so. hard.

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