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April 23 2015

Joss Whedon is adorably pumped for Batman v Superman. "Batman and Superman are gonna fight! I'm so excited! I'm so excited!"

I want to be excited about it. I've wanted a live-action World's Finest movie since I was a child. But DC/WB have gone out of their way, for the past few years, to make me lose all excitement about it. After Zack Snyder has displayed his complete lack of understanding of Superman as a character with Man of Steel (AKA Sometimes You Just Gotta Kill a Guy), my expectations are very low. If Batman v Superman: Dawn of Just Kill a Guy turns out to be great, I will be pleasantly surprised. I expect nothing more than a meaningless display of "cool shit" at this point. Superman was supposed to be a symbol of hope, but Man of Steel killed mine.
I've been waiting for a cinematic Wonder Woman for-freaking-ever but honestly, I think this movie will be terrible.

I could barely get through MoS on DVD, so I'm already wincing at how WW will be portrayed.
I agree with GreatMuppetyOdin and dottikin. I want to be excited about the upcoming DC movies, but honestly, nobody has done them right since the Christopher Reeve movies and the Michael Keaton Batman.

And the way they are going, they are going to keep to that ridiculous notion that a female superhero movie won't do well.

Braveheart Wonder Woman? Didn't we have that with Xena (and a lot of humor in the best years) already? Can't we have the fish-out-of-water Wonder Woman that Joss spoke of?
I think the collective sarcasm meters are broken.
Some of us had been waiting for a long time for Frank Miller's classic THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS to be made into a movie. Eventually, we got an animated one, and while it was deliberately aimed at a crossover audience of kids and adults, it was still grittier and bloodier than I expected from an animated feature, and they got my favorite iconic scenes just right. I'd still like to see a live action version, but this new Bats vs Supes looks like Chris Nolan's Batman: Take a few elements/scenes from a classic story, and insert them into your own new story, which is nowhere near as good as the original.
Am I allowed to say Chris Nolan is the opposite of Joss? I know a lot of people like his stuff, and I do like a couple of his other movies, but he broke Batman and Superman.
I, in turn, have to say I disagree with one aspect of what Nebula said.
The Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman movies made the mistake of making Batman a killer; the very same mistake Man of Steel (and Batman Begins, though more by carelessness and inaction than throwing a guy off a tower or snapping a guy's neck) made. And the Christopher Reeve Superman movies got progressively worse with every sequel.
To me, the best Batman and Superman versions in moving pictures have been animated. The best Superman movie, by far, is Superman vs. The Elite. Best Batman, I can't even pick, but I assure you it's animated (off the top of my head, it's probably the animated series and its spinoffs and movies, though some of the standalone animated movies have also been great). The best on-screen Wonder Woman was almost certainly in the Justice League animated series (though, having read one of Joss's drafts, I do wish that version would have been realized - it needed a polish, not a completely different treatment).

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