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March 30 2004

Media musings: Fox wages war of class vs. crass. A Capital Times columnist talks about the best and worst television shows on one network FOX. Wonderfalls and Firefly both mentioned, along with a nice pic of Caroline Dhavernas. Click on more for other critical praise for Wonderfalls links.

Rob Thomas at Capital Times in Wisconsin: "OK, seriously. What is the deal with Fox? One of the enduring mysteries of watching television is trying to comprehend how the best shows on television and the worst shows can exist on the same network, often on the same night."

Here's another critic at The Battalion online adding his voice to the choir that is Wonderfalls praise: "Wonderfalls is the story of a woman who, with the help of an outside supernatural force, performs acts of kindness and helps strangers to improve their lives."

Sonia Mansfield at the S.F. Examiner talks about what's good on TV and whay we watch reality TV: "Most people just like watching reality shows, because, deep down, they know they like watching people humiliate themselves on national TV for money or fame."

Just a tv bit from - Thursdays at 9: where off-beat midseason dramas go to die. This week, Fox will shift "Wonderfalls" to that cruel, cruel slot to face off against "CSI" and "The Apprentice." And in mid-April, ABC will dump the ailing "Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital" onto the Thursday at 9 slab.

TOM DORSEY @ The Courier-Journal talks about Idol audience not transfering to other FOX programs - "Fox also had hopes for "Wonderfalls," a quirky show about a young woman that was heavily promoted on "Idol." They thought it would interest that same young crowd. "Wonderfalls" landed at 93, with 23 million fewer viewers than "Idol." So much for crossover."

Am I the only one who pulls up a "Jesus is My Homeboy" ad instead of the article??
I got an ad, but thar warn't no Jesus on't. Sounds like an interesting article. After I scour the spyware from my machine I may try again.
Ah, much better now. (Though I am sorry you didn't get to see Jesus bogu_salias.)

I like this: I don't get it. It's like the same clothing company making both sharp, moderately expensive leather jackets and $5 "Official Bikini Inspector" T-shirts.
RavenU, when you quote from articles, can you please put quotation marks around the quote? That way we distinguish your opinion from the writer's. Also, I'm not keen on those ****** lines, you don't really need them.
Thank you for the links RavenU...much appreciated!

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