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April 23 2015

Wall Street Journal on the Marvel method. Joss discusses relative payout on Dr. Horrible and Avengers 1 & 2.

Nice to know that Dr. H turned a decent profit.
But Holy Crap ! I never would have guessed this state of affairs.
Pretty cool about DH. It was quite an amazing project.

Unrelated but I liked what Kevin Feige said about what he's going to do with the Phase 1 characters when the actors currently playing them call it quits. He's not going to try to reboot them, just pull a James Bond and be as if we know these guys' stories already. I don't think any of them will get their own films again, but they will continue to be in the team up movies.

I also think that's why they are going really young with Spider Man so he can continue to use the same actor for 20 years without many issues with age.
The only problem with the James Bond approach is continuity. In James Bond it works because status quo is king and events from previous movies are hardly ever considered (that has changed with the Daniel Craig era). Marvel will eventually have to toss continuity out the window as time goes by, or else it would be impossible for a stand alone story to have any coherence and it will became impossible for filmakers to tell a story.
You can reboot, so then your characters (and business) becomes lengthy. I'm in favour. It's not like we're thinking "Boo! Mark isn't the real Hulk! Edward Norton is!". Well, maybe Ed's parents are. Fans will riot online (write meaningful Tumblr posts) when actors get replaced, but as we all found out with the movement... The proof is in the movies and recasting.

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Which of the 10 films wasn't a success? Was it one of the Hulk films?
Yes. Incredible Hulk is the lowest grossing film made by Marvel Studios.

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