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April 27 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Episode 19: 6 hints about the lead-up to 'Ultron'. Hypable has seen tomorrow's episode and it sounds really good.

So my initial theory that we were already in the midst of the movie, turned out not to be true, and the timeline is a bit tighter together.

Curious about a certain cameo in one of the remaining episodes, which might actually set-up which point of the movie, the next episodes will fit in.
Solid speculating last week @Numfar PTB. Well done.
So the Grim Reaper is showing up again huh? Anyone want to lay odds? I think the heavy money has to be on Ward. Coulson and Skye are safe, Mockingbird might be getting her own show, and I'm guessing you can't have a Fitz without a Simmons. That leaves May and Ward, and May seems safe to me. Ward's arc is about played out unless he becomes a Bigger Bad worthy of a full season of chasing next year .. it does sound like a great episode
So, will Simmons make good on her promise to kill Ward? Or maybe she will be the casualty. FitzSimmons are finaly a team again. In the whedonverse that can't be good. I'm scared for her!
That's my idea: Agent 33 bites the dust, sending Ward on a real path towards insanity. So much that he'll be the one asking Coulson to use Project Tahiti on him and erase his memories and damaged personality. It's a dramatic and perfectly reasonable way to have Ward again in the team next year, with incredibly juicy possibilities when he'll inevitably discover he's a Doll-like persona to replace a borderline sociopath.
My guesses are Agent 33 returns to SHIELD after someone how getting at least some of her old personality back.

As for the Grim Reaper-I say Deathlok. Since it is a member of Team Coulson, the Inhumans are safe. I doubt it's going to be any of the original six and with Hunter and Bobbi on deck for a spin-off they are safe. Deathlok would be a shock as he's been their from the beginning as well.
OK, might be too geeky or nerdy for my own good, but I did the math properly the last time I watched the movie (which was after I posted the events crossing theory), and the main events of the movie span 12 days, I mention this in this thread, cause I wonder if from the point that AoS cross paths with the movie tomorrow night, if we'll also see events spanning 12 days for these 4 episodes (2x19 to 2x22).

This is the Math if you're curious, properly written in invisible text:

Stop highlighting the text here, if you don't want some AoS speculation. But only highlight it if you've seen the movie and is also update with the tv show:

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