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April 27 2015

Joss Whedon on his possible Liam Neeson action film, Suspension. This was speculated upon back in September of last year, and it is indeed one of Joss' old spec scripts that is being filmed.

Not for nothing, but I wrote about those WGA buyback provisions a few years ago and I think we're still in the buyback period for Goners. ;)
Yay! Goners isn't such a goner after all! *secretly cries over bad pun*
I like that Joss is excited about the prospect of Liam Neeson doing this movie. I'd love to see it.
Heck, they should just ask him to direct it. He's not busy now, and at least it's wholly his own creation.
I am still hoping he'll decide to buy back Goners, b!X. And after his comments the other day ... that there may still be something in that story that he wants to say ... I feel like that hope is not entirely based on fluffy wishful thinking. (It's based on at least 99% fluffy wishfulness, but you know. There's now a whole 1% of the creator wanting to revisit this story!)
There's one action gag in Suspension that cracked me up when I read it. I'm not sure it's a Liam Neeson type of bit, though. I guess we'll see.
Maybe now Joss is in a position where he can work on a lot of his old, unproduced projects. Even if he can't buy 'Suspension' back, whoever owns it would be foolish not to offer him a directing gig for it.

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