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April 27 2015

Joss on possibly directing a DC movie in the future. Amidst The Avengers: Age of Ultron promo tour, Joss ponders the likelihood of him helming a DC adaptation and goes back to his Wonder Woman days.

DC-curious? I don’t care who she’s seeing now? His metaphors are the best. XD
Once you go DC...

In all seriousness, I hope he gets the chance to dip into the DCU one day. Imo the consistent dividing line between DC and Marvel is that DC tends to have lots of substance (classical archetypes, "big idea" concepts) but a lack of character, whereas Marvel tends to have personality and character in spades but very little in terms of actual intellectualable content. Meaning that if you get yourself a veteran Marvel guy (eg. Bruce Timm) and stick him in a DC sandbox, you end up with transcendent levels of awesomeness (eg. Batman the Animated Series ) since the yin and yang are in balance.

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I just go right here in my head whenever I see the words "Joss" & "DC Comics" in the same sentence.

(Forgive the pesky ad)

I'm still the spinning little girl inside. Sigh.
Very little can be discussed about WB slate of DC comics movies, so far only Man of Steel have come out, even if I pretty much hated the movie altogether and am no fan of Snyder's interpretation of Superman, I think one of the best things from that movie was actually the way Amy Adams' Lois Lane was portrayed.

Which brings me to the tv shows based on DC Comics (I'm reflecting on the main super hero line, so excluding Vertigo's iZombie, but including Constantine, which became part of main line during New52). Love The Flash, still enjoy Arrow, barely tolerate Gotham (weakest of the bunch) and Constantine was the one who slowly getting rid of this issue. Well, they seem to have huge problem to properly let the women play heroes. In Arrow the writers seem unsure in which side of the fence they want Felicity and Laurel to be. Last week's Flash, the way Iris and Caitlin were portrayed, was another question mark, of why they do this with their female characters. Don't get me started on Gotham, just watched the latest episode live, and wanted to hit the screen.

All of this contrast with what's been happening with Agents of SHIELD and even Agent Carter, where the women have going in strong, active roles, since the beginning, some surviving with their wits, without being physical, and they get to play the heroes, that are not necessarily dependent on the male counterparts. I'm not even sure what DC Comics project I imagine being tackled by Joss, but it were to happen, that's the sensibility I wished he would bring. It doesn't necessarily need to be a female lead project, but where if there are male and female leads, they'd be actual equals.

OK, as I was previewing the post, a project title actually popped into my head. Joss tackling Hawk and Dove, based on the late 80s pairing of Hank and Dawn, would be very intriguing.
As much as speculation will run wild until an announcement of what is doing next it's made, I think it's safe to say that his next project will be something original.

Everytime he's asked about doing this or that, he answer: "Yes that would be cool, but i want to do something mine."
Hitfix heard a rumour that Disney was approaching Joss for another Marvel project.
Yeah, I saw that, in fact the quote was "rumors that Disney is making overtures to Whedon about another of their major franchise properties". Now they do have a few, but the major one active at the moment (apart from the MCU of course) is Star Wars. The directors for the next sequel and first spin off have already been announced but the other spin offs and final film in the main trilogy haven't. Although I've heard that JJ Abrams is being mooted to return for the final one.
Maybe my long time dream of seeing Joss collaborate with Pixar again might happen someday.
If Joss was going to work on another franchise anytime soon, why shouldn't he create his own? If anyone could make a new one work in this day and age, it would be him. Imagine a Mutant Enemy film series...

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